A day late for MYTHIC MONDAY, right on time for MASSIVE SAVINGS!

We are pleased to present the next installment in our Mythic Minis devoted to magical items, Mythic Minis 43: Mythic Rings! With four brand-new mythic rings usable in mythic and non-mythic campaigns alike, it’s a great simple resource for your campaign. You can pick up your copy now at the Legendary Games webstore or from our partners at d20pfsrd, Paizoand DrivethruRPG!

But really, while fantasy treasure is fun, the best kind of treasure is real-life CASH MONEY SAVINGS, and LEGENDARY GAMES DELIVERS!

This week is the Thanksgiving holiday, and Jason and the gang at Legendary Games want to give thanks to YOU for your interest in our products and your support of Legendary Games. To show our appreciation, we are offering you an exclusive 50% coupon code! Just head over to the Legendary Games webstore and grab a fistful of great products; when it’s time to check out, enter the coupon code THANKS50. and get the whole pile at HALF PRICE!
We will be running sales on our partner sites at shop.d20pfsrd and DrivethruRPG starting Thursday, but the very best deals are on our site RIGHT NOW! Everybody else has to wait until Black Friday to get this deal, but you can take advantage of it right now!

This discount is available on almost every product Legendary Games makes, excluding just a handful of our newest products (like the above Mythic Mini), though we certainly encourage you to check them out and pick them up as well.

Ultimate Relationships – A concise yet robust system for developing and managing relationships between PCs and NPCs in ongoing campaigns.

Imperial Relationships – A companion product for Ultimate Relationships, with richly detailed sample relationships attributes, affinities, and more for the four key NPCs from the official Pathfinder “Far East” Adventure Path.

Cutthroats and Crew A collection of 10 detailed nautical NPCs suitable for use as companions and crew on a PCs’ own vessel, or as allies or rivals on a ship of their own, plus detailed stats for a crew of wereshark raiders and their allies that bring menace in their wake. A great supplement for the official Pathfinder “Pirate” Adventure Path or any oceangoing campaign.

Plus two new products for the mythic rules for the Pathfinder RPG:
Mythic Magic: Advanced Spells II A compendium of marvelous mythic spells including every spell from the Pathfinder RPG Advanced Race Guide.

Mythic Monsters: Worms A bestiary of 13 marvelous mythic worm monsters, from purple worms and neothelids to rot grub swarms, vermlek demons, and worms that walk, plus the brand-new conqueror worm and rules for worm companions, worm riders, and the Worm domain!

Everything else is yours for just half price from now until December 1st, AKA “Cyber Monday.” Go save some money and let us thank you for being awesome!

Jason Nelson
Publisher and CEO, Legendary Games

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