A bevy of beastly bugs!

The latest from Legendary is Mythic Monsters: Bugsavailable right now on the Legendary Games webstore and tomorrow in wide release. So why bugs? Of all the monsters in RPGs, aren’t they just about the most ordinary enemy there is?  Here’s the thing… from mindless vermin of titanic size and terrible hunger to clever and cunning insectoid monstrosities as brilliant as they are deadly, bugs as monsters play upon the primal fears of your players as much as the heroes they play. Things that creep and crawl inspire a deep-seated fear and revulsion in the real world far out of proportion to their size. Whether this stems from their primitive symmetry, their relentless sense of hive-like order, their almost alien appearance, or their inexhaustible numbers as they keep coming in wave after mindless wave, they inspire a certain dread that cuts to the core. They also have a clear and natural place in the ecology of a fantasy world even as they do in the real world, and filling that ecological niche helps maintain the balance of the familiar and the strange that helps build a really immersive gaming experience.




Mythic Monsters: Bugs brings you over twenty incredible insects and amazing arthropods from CR 2 to 21, ranging from swarms of tiny terrors to titans of chitin, presenting mythic bugs suitable for every level. You will find familiar favorites like giant ants, mantises, scorpions, spiders, and wasps, as well as army ant swarms, centipede swarms, spider swarms, and wasp swarms, each with unique traits and mythic abilities that set them apart from more mundane myriapods. You will also find a wide variety of monstrous bug beasts, from titanic real-world arthropods like the colossal black scorpion and deadly mantis to fantastical creatures like the acid-spewing ankheg, the crafty cave fisher, and the icy-hot remorhaz. Not all monstrous bugs are dim-witted monstrosities, however, you will also find a variety of highly intelligent insectoids and their crawling kin like the shapeshifting aranea, the fleshwarped drider, the ghostly phase spider, and the mighty formian queen and her formian warrior minions. As if these were not enough, we also bring you eight fabulous feats perfect for mindless mythic monsters, with a special eye toward aiding insectoid enemies of epic proportions! This lovely and lethal lass is just one of them; check out the full monster list below, arranged by CR, and get your copy of Mythic Monsters: Bugs right now!


Drider_Colby Stevenson


CR 2/MR 1      mythic giant spider

CR 2/MR 1      mythic giant hunting spider

CR 2/MR 1      mythic spider swarm

CR 3/MR 1      mythic cave fisher

CR 3/MR 1      mythic giant ant

CR 4/MR 1      mythic ankheg

CR 4/MR 1      mythic formian warrior

CR 4/MR 1      mythic giant black widow

CR 4/MR 1      mythic giant scorpion

CR 4/MR 1      mythic giant wasp

CR 4/MR 1      mythic wasp swarm

CR 4/MR 2      mythic giant mantis

CR 5/MR 2      mythic aranea

CR 5/MR 2      mythic centipede swarm

CR 6/MR 2      mythic army ant swarm

CR 6/MR 2      mythic phase spider

CR 8/MR 3      mythic drider

CR 9/MR 3      giant mythic remorhaz

CR 13/MR 5    mythic deadly mantis

CR 18/MR 7    mythic black scorpion

CR 21/MR 8    mythic formian queen