A Double Dose of High-Tech Fun for PF1 and PF2!

The marvelous Mechanical Monsters bestiary is here for Pathfinder Second Edition! Featuring over 130 killer constructs, robots, cyborgs, androids, clockworks, steampunk monstrosities, and techno-touched fey, fiends, oozes, and more, this beautiful book opens up your PF2 campaign to a whole new tech level of creatures, from magical gearworks to alien nanotechnology! Grab it today in PDF and Print at the Legendary Games webstore, Paizo, Open Gaming Store, or DrivethruRPG!

Mechanical Monsters is also available for Pathfinder RPG (also available on Roll20) and DnD 5E (also available for Foundry and Roll20 VTTs)!

Sci-fi and fantasy meet again with a dash of cosmic horror and chaos magic in an incredible new world of adventure: The Arcforge Universe Campaign SettingThis project brings you a world of cosmic adventure, chaos magic, psychic powers, hypertechnology, and more, and is a great companion to our recently completed Mechanical Monsters Quick-Starter! You also can get our FREE 26-page Arcforge Players’ Compendium Preview PDF to check it out!

  • The Arcforge Players’ Compendium contains two new classes and over 200 archetypes, feats, spells, psionic powers, along with expansive mech rules, technomancy, and so much more!
  • The Arcforge Universe Cyclopedia includes a system-spanning smorgasbord of nations and locations for planetary, interstellar, or cosmic adventure, including nearly 100 new monsters and creature templates from roving wasteland hordes to mind-melting chaos lords!

The Arcforge Universe descriptive text can be used with any system, but all rules material is for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game; there is no PF2 or 5E version available at this time. If you’re a PF1 fan or just want exciting and inventive new worlds to explore in other game systems, we hope you check it out and pledge today!

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