The MYTHOS MONSTERS Quick-Starter for PF1, PF2, and DnD 5E ends Thursday night!

The Mythos Monsters bestiary project is LIVE ON KICKSTARTER for DnD 5E, Pathfinder 1E, & Pathfinder 2E, with Roll20 and Foundry VTT support!

Join over 600 backers and grab an awesome array of eldritch abominations and tentacled Things That Should Not Be, including epic, mythic, and psionic creatures for all three systems like elder shoggoths, deep ones, neothelid psions, dream flumphs, and Great Old Ones, plus terrifying templates to turn ordinary monsters into pseudonatural abominations from beyond! Awesome add-ons are also available, including adventures, campaign expansions, and the DnD 5E edition of Mythos Monsters!
This QUICKSTARTER project ends Thursday night, with PDFs available immediately and print books and add-ons ready to start printing and shipping, including our fantastic Fates of Madness horror card game!

If you love eldritch horror and tentacular goodness, pledge today! THE STARS ARE RIGHT! 

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