Tons of Terrific Treasures for PF2! And awesome class books for PF1 and PF2 too!

Not all treasure is found in the dungeon! Treasury of the City brings you three dozen brand-new Pathfinder Second Edition magic items perfect for urban adventures from the back alleys, sewers, and slums, to the halls of power and the smoke-filled back rooms where power brokers rule from the shadows. Get tools of skullduggery from the toxic scabbard and roofrunner’s buckler to ratty robes and the sewer suit, alongside fineries for high places like the senator’s stole and the scale of endless bureaucracy to the nightwatch crossbow and inspector’s bullhorn. Make city adventures more rewarding with this 20-page PF2 treasure book today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, or DrivethruRPG!

We also want to remind our Pathfinder 1E fans that we’ve got more coming your way too with our latest class book, Legendary Occultists! Armed with an array of otherworldly powers and abilities, this restructured version offers new class abilities, such as Spell Raiding, Antiques, Historical Figures, Ley Lines, Ambience, and sundry talent-like Electives. With inspiration drawn from the real-life occultists of recent centuries, these new options include: the Legendary Occultist Alternate Class, 9 archetypes, 59 electives, 7 class bonuses, 42 feats (including 20 mythic feats), 8 implement schools, as well as alternate class features that replace Aura Sight, Object Reading, and Magic Item Skill; with loads of other diverse secrets to give your master-of-the-hidden a plenitude of powers! It’s coming your way next week, but members of the Legendary Games Patreon can preorder it right now!

But that’s next week! Right now, we wanted to remind you about three new class book releases for PF2!

  • Legendary Mediums: Second Edition has an incredible array of psychospiritual abilities, featuring over 30 class options for binding yourself to spirits like the Adept and the Magician, attuning yourself to the anima, kami, servitor, or the mysterious void. That’s just the beginning, as you’ll also find over 100 class feats, focus spells, magic items, skill unlocks, and more, like the soulseeing mirror, poltergeist outbreak, Exorcism, Unfinished Business, and Everlasting Terror! Grab this 34-page PF2 class book today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, Amazon, or DrivethruRPG!
  • Legendary Hunters: Second Edition is the perfect pet-master, blending tactics and teamwork with their animal allies with over 100 awesome options. Use Hunter’s Bond skills like Flank and Shank, with teamwork and support benefits and special actions! Maneuver your foes with class feats like Pack Tactics and Back to Back, guard allies with Spell Adept Companion and Ever Vigilant, trap them with Plentiful Snares, and terrify them with Bay of the Beast! Multiclass with hunter dedication feats and wield focus spells like companion swap and king of the jungle! Grab this 30-page PF2 class book today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, Amazon, or DrivethruRPG!
  • Second Edition Classes: Wanderer is always ready for action, serving no master but themselves but keeping their code intact whether they are free blades, stern peacekeepers, steely-eyed sharpshooters, or just a Man with No Name doing what needs to be done and then moving on down the endless road.  Their resolve and perseverance in the face of the bleakest odds make them reliable allies and implacable foes with a very particular set of skills, including 75 fantastic class feats, multiclassing, new weapons, and more! Grab this 26-page PF2 class book today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, Amazon, or DrivethruRPG!

Last but not least, our next Kickstarter project is coming in June with Mythos Monsters for Pathfinder 1E and 2E, bringing you a killer compendium of over 80 cosmic horrors, mythos minions, eldritch entities, and Great Old Ones! The Pathfinder 1E version of the book is completed in layout and the Pathfinder 2E version is in development now and ready to start layout soon! This will be a Quickstarter, with your PDFs available immediately as soon as the campaign ends and print books (and our Fates of Madness horror card game) shipping out as soon as our nearly 20 Kickstarters of experience can get them headed your way! We are aiming for a launch in early June, so mark your calendars because THE STARS ARE RIGHT! 

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