5E Friday brings Legendary Loot Cards: Deck #3! Plus FREE magic items!

This 5E Friday you can get our third card deck of magnificient magic items with Legendary Loot Cards: Deck #3! This awesome 80-card deck is chock full of items from basic essentials like the adaptive holy symbol and the alchemical admixture vial to epic items like the blade-eating battleaxe and dimensional bomb. You’ll find utility items alongside devastating weapons, incredible implements for spellcasters, and bastions of magical defense as well. Find your way with the map cartouche, span worlds beyond with the stygian coin, or unleash a rain of death with the zombie apocalypse siege shot! You can get this incredible deck in PDF to print at home (with two file versions, one for screen viewing and one formatted for printing) or you can purchase a beautiful card deck ready to use! Plus, don’t miss out on Legendary Loot Cards: Deck #1 and Deck #2 as well! You can grab these card decks at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

In addition to these awesome ready-to-use magic item cards, you can grab free new magic items every week from the Legendary Loot Patreon, and this week you can protect yourself even when things have really gone against you with the cunning and sneaky captive blade! You can grab nearly 50 FREE magic items right now from our weekly archives, but even if you’re not a member of our Patreon you can get our collected magic items, monsters, spells, class options, and more as a beautiful print or PDF compilation in our monthly magazine! Our Patrons already have their copy of The Dragon’s Hoard #13 next Monday, but next 5E Friday it’s coming your way with a special magitech issue with items like the nullblade, arc rifle, and dwarf star grenade, spells like antitech field and remove radioactivity, class options like the bombardier and nanotech infuser, and monsters like the heavy metal elemental and clockwork leviathan! We hope you’ll check it out next Friday and check out the Legendary Loot Patreon today!

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