5E Kickstarters and Bundle of Holding Galore!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there in the gamer-verse! Whether you’re a gamer yourself or you encouraged someone in your family to get into the gaming hobby (or both), we love and appreciate all of you for being your awesome selves. My mom bought my first D&D books way back in 1981 and I wouldn’t be here writing to you now if she hadn’t! If you can, hug or call your mom today, or raise a glass or a handful of dice in their honor! 

On to business! I got my second COVID shot on Thursday and was pretty well wiped out the next two days so we kinda missed 5E Friday, but better late than never! First and foremost on our agenda, the spectacular Battlemasters & Berserkers Kickstarter is nearly 1200% funded, and it all ends  tomorrow, May 10 at midnight Eastern time!  
Battlemasters & Berserkers is a 72-page 5th Edition supplement that resents a wide variety of character options for fighters and barbarians, including new archetypes, backgrounds, primal paths, class-specific magic items, alternate class features, and more. Whether you want to focus on savagery or skill, careful martial training or the power of sheer unbridled rage, you’ll find a ton of terrific options for the two fightin’-est classes in all of 5th Edition! Plus, the PDFs are ready to go as soon as the project ends, with the books already processing at the printer! We have just 30 hours left, so let’s all GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!
PS – If you want a quick preview of what you can find within, grab a copy of the 10-page Battlemasters & Berserkers Free Preview PDF at DrivethruRPG!

Speaking of Kickstarters, the fine folks at DMDave, including Sarge, Charles, Dave himself, and the rest of the team, have just launched a fantastic campaign setting for 5E with Pexia’s Guide to Omeria (and a companion adventure saga for level 1-11, Hand of the Eight)! We’ve been working with the DMDave team on some of our projects for a bit, including expanding our Roll20 offerings and more stuff coming your way soon, and their quality as both gamers and as people is top notch. Many of you are no doubt fans already of their terrific Patreon or other projects, but if you haven’t checked them out before, you definitely should check out this killer new campaign with adventures to support it. They’ve got new race and class options as well, which would work very nicely with a certain book of badass barbarians and fantastic fighters that you’ll already have on your computer in just two days! Click the image below or the link here to head right over to their Kickstarter page and let the adventure begin! 

Last but not least, we are super-stoked to partner with the fine folks at Bundle of Holding to offer a spectacular star-spanning special offer on the Legendary Planet Adventure Path for DnD 5E (and Pathfinder RPG, for those who like both)! You can get this incredible nearly 750-page adventure path for either game system at an unbelievable discount with the base bundle, and with the expanded bundle add in incredible extras like Stargates, Treasury of the Machine, and half a dozen of our wonderful Legendary Worlds, each featuring new monsters, feats, spells, races, equipment, and adventure hooks galore!

Grab the Legendary Planet Bundle of Holding now through May 24th, starting at just $14.95! 

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