Curses in SPAAAACE!!!

Starfinder Saturday returns with Cursed Space, the first of a pair of products we’ve been working on for a while now, bringing you a bevy of baneful curses to unleash upon your sci-fi campaign. The powers of mysticism, technology, and hybrid technomagic combine to bring bad luck and resounding doom to every planet, star system, and stellar void across the galaxy! You’ll find cursed archetypes to unlock the mysteries of accursed events, dying curses to bring misery to those who would dare strike you down, and over 30 fantastic curses from the painful to the truly legendary in scope! You can grab this fantastic 32-page Starfinder supplement today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, Amazonand DrivethruRPG!

The companion volume is coming next week, and in fact members of the Legendary Games Patreon can already preorder their copies early, but if you just want a foretaste of what’s coming in next week’s Cosmic Cursestake a look!
A Cursed Star Rises! 
Cosmic Curses brings you a ton of amazing options to bring curses to your Starfinder Roleplaying Game campaign, with killer content for players and GMs alike. You’ll find accursed archetypes like the curseologist and cursed survivor, alongside curses for your heroes and villains to cast upon their enemies like hands of rust, pariah’s exile, and metallic slumber. You’ll also find a wide array of cursed objects and augmentations, including the ability to manufacture cursed items intentionally and how to incorporate magical technological, and hybrid technomagical cursed items like the alien hand and vanishing skin. You’ll also find rules for cursed starships (watch out for gremlins!) and accursed locations like impending doom, obsession’s grasp, and the curse of flowing blood. If you’ve ever wanted to inspire true terror in your sci-fi heroes who thought curses were just a bad superstition, pick up this 26-page Starfinder Roleplaying Game supplement today and Make Your Game Cursed… and Legendary! 

Last but not least, if you love sci-fi and fantasy blending together, you definitely do not want to miss the Legendary Planet Bundle of Holdingfeaturing nearly 750 pages of mind-blowing cosmic adventure plus monsters, magic, technology, new class options, planetary gazetteers and so much more! The Bundle of Holding itself is for the D&D 5E and Pathfinder RPG versions of Legendary Planet, but all seven Legendary Planet adventures are also available for Starfinder, taking your campaign from 1st level all the way up to 20th level, and if you use the code LPSTAR50 at the Legendary Games webstore, you can get every Legendary Planet product for Starfinder at HALF PRICE! Grab them today and have a truly Legendary week! You also can grab the PDFs on DrivethruRPG at half price at the links below!
Legendary Planet Player’s Guide
Legendary Planet #1: To Worlds Unknown
Legendary Planet #2: The Scavenged Codex
Legendary Planet #3: Dead Vault Descent
Legendary Planet #4: Confederates of the Shattered Zone
Legendary Planet #5: The Depths of Desperation
Legendary Planet #6: Mind Tyrants of the Merciless Moons
Legendary Planet #7: To Kill a Star


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