New Monsters for PF2sday from the Frozen Faerie Forest!

We are excited to unleash our first new bestiary book for Pathfinder Second Edition, the Coldwood Codex, featuring 10 tantalizingly terrifying denizens of the winter woods and fey forests! Discover murderous naekk rivermaidens, untamed bokereyders, and rapacious chernobogs. Less cruel but no less deadly, the silent totemoqs flit on the winter winds and care not whose blood they freeze, while the amadan is the very essence of ill fortune. The dead themselves are unquiet in the coldwood, with undead fey ugrohters and deathless druid sloughs culling the living amid the trees. The faleich-wyrm is a veritable engine of death now plaguing the cold lands with corruption, while greedy barrow wights cling to long-lost lordship and forlorn boreal wights writhe in frozen, brambled agony! Grab all of these fantastic forest fiends today for PF2 at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon

We’ve got even more monsters coming your way in the companion volume, the Boreal Bestiaryin development right now and hopefully headed your way by the end of March with the savage wiitikowan, the aloof and imperious orruol, and so many more!  Our next PF2 class book is also very nearly here with Legendary Classes: Cabalist, a whole new kind of witch, which should be here by the end of February. Finally, we’re very excited to be finishing development on a brand-new magic expansion for PF2 with the Asian Spell Compendium! What can you find inside that upcoming volume? Check it out!

The Asian Spell Compendium brings you over 100 amazing new magical spells for Pathfinder Second Edition inspired by the mysteries of the Orient, from the frozen tundra and boreal forests of the far north to the serpent jungles of the south. Drawing from the myths, legends, and lore of China, Japan, India, Southeast Asia, Siberia, and more, you’ll find tons of new spells for every school and 20 spellcasting classes, from ancestral wrath to word of pain and all spells in between. You’ll see offensive spells like flame shuriken, tiger trap, and blessed jade strike and defensive incantations like spirit ward, toad’s kiss, and sublime detachment, from minor magics like awful apparition, drowsy fireflies, and punji pit to mighty enchantments like divine wind, rain of sacred lotus petals, terra cotta legion, and the deadly marvelous chopsticks. Whether you favor arcane, divine, or psychic spells, tapping the power of elements or magic of the mind, you’ll find an incredible array of new and inventive spells perfect for introduction into an all-Asian campaign or one that simply draws a bit here and there from the magic and mystery of the unapproachable east.

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