Corefinder Continues!

We’re well along into the Corefinder project to create a refined, streamlined, and enhanced core system from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game to serve as a basis for gaming across genres, with chapters coming together nicely and first-look pre-playtest review moving along. We’ve even set up a Patreon – not solely for Corefinder but with regular updates almost every single day (in addition to discounts, special previews and content, priority playtest opportunities, free products, and more – as low as $1 a month!) – and we would love it if any of you interested in the process to join up!

As for the Corefinder project Patrons also get new updates a week ahead of everyone else (just posted #21 today), but everyone can get all the latest updates on the Corefinder project right here!

Info on free actions in Corefinder Design Digest #12: It’s FREE!

And on swift actions in Corefinder Design Digest #13: Yes, that’s a swift!

And a whole new action type, the use action, in Corefinder Design Digest #14: The Two Use (Actions)

And even more uses for the use action, in Corefinder Design Digest #15: Use, Part Twos

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