Aegis of Empires Update and New Arcforge for PF/SF!

At just about one week into our Aegis of Empires Kickstarter for D&D 5E, Pathfinder RPG (1st Ed), and Pathfinder Second Edition, we are excited to report that we are over 250% funded and closing in on our EIGHTH stretch goal already! We’ve already got new cover art for each of the six individual chapters (which will become chapter splash pages in the Deluxe Compilation) and new interior art for the sinister Sagging Man, with the next goal to get brand-new cover art for the Deluxe Compilation – check out Update #7 for the detailed art order! If you love high adventure in a rough-and-tumble world of high intrigue, wilderness exploration, requiring dungeon crashing and monster bashing but also a heaping helping of clever play to uncover secret societies, ancient menaces rising in the far places of the world, and so much more! Jump on board and share with your friends the link for this 600-page mega-adventure for their favorite system!

But hey, running an amazing Kickstarter is no reason to stop releasing even more amazing products!!! Want proof? Check out the latest incredible installment in the Arcforge Campaign Setting by Matt Daley with the 44-page Starlight Inheritors! Detailing the star-spanning species of Aurim cast away from the world of Vandara and left to drift across the cosmic firmament, this spectacular supplement for both Starfinder and Pathfinder rules has tons of new options for ancestry and racial traits for dromite, trox, maenads, shirren, cephalumes, and more, plus chaos-tainted sentient starships infused with the essence of the apocalyptic qlippoth hordes, and new and enhanced monsters from the awakened demilich to the letztermensch! Check them all out today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon

Last but certainly not least, we are almost done sending out our 700+ page Legendary Planet Adventure Path for DnD 5E and Pathfinder RPG out to our backers, and once they’ve got theirs all sent out, we’ll be unleashing nearly 1500 pages of cosmic adventure from 1st to 20th level for two systems, including hundreds of pages of new monsters, magic items, technology, sci-fi adventure rules, character options, and so much more for YOU. COMING NEXT WEEK!

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