Adventures Aplenty Coming Soon!

The past month have been deeply focused on our Kingmaker Anniversary Edition Adventure Path project working in partnership with Paizo, but we’ve got a metric ton of our own material coming soon too! Let’s talk adventures, since we just so happen to have adventures coming shortly for 5E, for Pathfinder Second Edition, and for the 1st-edition Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, with all three in layout RIGHT NOW!

  • The Diluvian Disaster (5E) by Mike Myler is an all-new 8th-level aquatic adventure featuring prophetic dreams, visions of ancient mysteries and unraveling madness, and sinister mutations arising from the unhallowed deep!
  • The Fiddler’s Lament (PF2) by Greg Vaughan and Eric Keith is a 1st-level horror adventure, an LG classic from way back in 2012 updated for the new system to unleash a danse macabre of gnawing terror on a small village!
  • Sentence of the Sinlord (PFRPG) by Matt Daley is an all-new 20th-level all-out-insane high-level adventure that is designed to serve as a capstone finale to a certain official AP delving to the Return of a bunch of Lords of Ru… I mean *SIN*! Lords of Sin! Sinlords! Who also like runes, but hey, who doesn’t? This charming fellow below is Kazsethil, the mastermind behind it all and part of a CR 29 final encounter that is sure to give your PCs a run for their money. You can play this 100+ page adventure using the mythic rules or (for the truly brave or masochistic) with straight-up 20th level PCs. If you want to wind up your  Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign with a bang, look no further than this!

In crowdfunding news, we also have amazing adventures in process, each with their own creative team focusing their efforts on their project!

  • The grind is slow but steady on the massive 700+ page compilation version of the Legendary Planet Adventure Path (currently somewhere around page 450-500 and counting)! We are *SO* looking forward to getting that one finally into everyone’s hands!
  • The Aegis of Empires Adventure Path set in the legendary Lost Lands setting continues apace, with versions coming for 5E, Pathfinder Second Edition, and Pathfinder RPG. All of the PFRPG and 5E versions are written. All the maps are in. All of the art is in. We have completed layout on the 50-page Player’s Guide, all three versions of the first adventure, The Book in the Old House, two versions of the second adventure, The Ebon Soul, and finishing the second version of the third adventure, When Comes the Moon! Why haven’t you seen any of these adventures out yet if they’re finished and ready to go? Well… we are doing a metric ton of prework here to make sure that, as nearly as possible, when we Kickstarter this project (probably in May) that we’ll have the majority of the content ready to send out IMMEDIATELY. We’ve learned our lesson with projects before where we had a ton of catch-up work to do afterwards, and being in a better place now we can afford to get things done first. You’ll be able to get individual adventures or help kickstart a massive and beautiful hardcover compilation of the whole kit and caboodle.
  • Speaking of Kickstarter: Since Aegis of Empires is still working through its process, and given some other scheduling issues, we actually have a smaller, 5E-focused project that we are going to launch first, probably in late March! This is the Greek-mythology-inspired adventure saga Mother of Monsters, in cooperation with Adrian Arduini and Zagora Games. Adrian has already created a fantastic 40+ page Mother of Monsters Player’s Guide, which you can pick up FREE at DrivethruRPG, which provides a terrific introduction to the setting and themes. We’ll be launching a short Kickstarter project to fund the first chapter of the saga (around 100 pages) with stretch goals for even more. The adventures are already written, but funding art, maps, layout, and printing. I’m a sucker for Greek mythology and Adrian’s put together a pretty evocative and exciting product and we’re looking forward to bringing it to you!
  • Last but not least, whatever happened to Conquest: Rage of Wyrms? It’s still on! It got pushed back due to Real Life and an avalanche of More Urgent Things, but we’ve still been simmering away bits and pieces of it as we go along, noting down ideas and slipping extra stuff into art orders. Co-project lead Robert Brookes is preparing to move to the Seattle area, close by to LG headquarters, and once he arrives this spring we’ll be putting our heads together and ramping up pre-production work to make this amazing project come to life. In the meanwhile, just a little piece to share. Beware; here there be DRAGONS!

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