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First Edition Friday = Legendary Rangers! Plus 5E Fantasy Grounds!

While we’re excited at the opportunities of Pathfinder Second Edition, we’ve always been very clear that Legendary Games is happy to keep creating Pathfinder RPG content as long as our customers keep buying it, and the next PFRPG product is here today with Legendary Rangers, the latest awesome installment in our Legendary Classes series that expands the boundaries of the classic classes of First Edition! Hunt the wilds with a complete redesign of the ranger class, wiht iconic new core class features, greater versatility, a modular system of customizable talents, plus nearly a dozen amazing archetypes, new spell categories for herbalism, primeval projectiles, and more – over 60 pages of concentrated AWESOME! You can grab Legendary Rangers right now in print and PDF at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon

Next Friday, First Edition Friday meets Sci-Fi Friday with the release of the next Arcforge Campaign Setting expansion with Ravages of the Qlippoth, revealing the terrifying chaos scourge that ravaged the lands of Vandara, with class options, world lore, new gear, and dozens of monsters from CR 2 to 25 that can easily be dropped into any campaign where you don’t mind unleashing existential horror and eldritch abominations like the nyorbadoth, and realize this is one of the LEAST horrifying qlippoth ravaging the planet! Look, he’s SMILING!!! He’s probably NICE!

This is an exciting time for 5E fans of Legendary Games as well, as we just released our biggest adventure ever, the monster 166-page Legendary Planet: To Kill a Star (5E), to our Kickstarter backers, and it’s coming soon to everyone in wide release. This incredible high-level module brings new monsters, magic and technology, rules for adventuring in space and even into the depths of a living star, and a truly insane thrill ride for high-level adventurers that can end any campaign with a bang! But while that’s coming soon, there’s more awesome stuff for 5E you can get RIGHT NOW for all virtual tabletop enthusiasts, as we have been pushing hard to get our kingdom-building and mass combat expansions onto Fantasy Grounds, and you can get them there now for 5E! Kingdoms (5E) has been a best seller there, and we are excited to bring much more of the lineup to you there and on Steam, with Ultimate Commander already finished and cycling through approvals and with Ultimate Factions and Ultimate Ships already underway! We hope you check them all out and have a truly Legendary weekend! 

Ultimate Rulership

Ultimate Rulership on Steam

Ultimate Battle

Ultimate Battle on Steam

Ultimate Relationships
Ultimate Relationships on Steam
Ultimate War
Ultimate War on Steam