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Forest Aftermath and New Stuff A-Comin’!

This week saw the supremely successful conclusion of our Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium Kickstarter project. We’ve gotten the Monsters chapter to layout and will have the adventures and pregenerated characters there this weekend. We’re managing a fast and furious flurry of artwork approvals and getting final pledges sorted out. If you missed the Kickstarter but would like to do a late pledge, let us know by email at and we can still set you up!

Of course, with that project now in the books, we can return our attention to a raft of amazing new things coming soon that we’ll be previewing over the coming week. This Monday sees the return of MYTHIC MONDAY with the 48th installment in our long-running series, Mythic Monsters: Fey by Mike Welham, Jason Nelson, and Loren Sieg!

Mythic Monsters: Fey brings you an awesome array of mysterious and magical creatures from the realms of Faerie. These capricious creatures range from CR 1 to CR 20 and include monsters malevolent and benign. Some fey are helpful spirits, from the industrious brownie to the far-striding fastachee cultivating their corn, or the musical grigs fiddling in the night. Others have far more sinister intentions, from anguished fiend-blooded forlarren to sadistic tooth fairies. Like them, gremlins come in many shapes and sizes, all of them notorious from pugnacious nuglub thugs to vengeful jinkin saboteurs. Many fey simply wish to be left alone, like sprites and sprite swarms guarding the wild and beautiful places of the world from intrusion, or the serene and beautiful hamadryad queens who rule the forests. Mortals may seek to bargain with the fey, but woe betide any who double-cross a blood-hungry sangoi or a darkling vilderavn raven knight! As if a dozen existing monsters were not enough, the brand-new horzitoth is a nonesuch, an urban fey that devours dreams and feasts on fatigue, and savoring the loss of sleep for those who welcome it into their homes as an uninvited guest. In addition to the featured creatures, we bring you the fabulous fey-bound knight prestige class, perfect for those heroes of might and magic who have sought service with the lords and ladies of the fey realms!

We also have an exciting new BUNDLE coming next month, new news on Legendary Planet, and much, MUCH more!


Wastelands, Fairy Tales, and a Forest Finale!

Our amazing Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium project is entering its FINAL WEEKEND and is steadily striding towards 7 times its funding goal at $28,000 and beyond, with SECRET PROJECTS about to be revealed, and just crossing ANOTHER backer goal at 375 supporters, unleashing a trio of fantastic feats inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky from the madcap mind of Clinton J. Boomer!

The Kickstarter ends next Monday, April 24th, at 8:59 PM Pacific time! DO NOT MISS IT! You can check out the latest Kickstarter update here; meanwhile, keep spreading the word to get even more 5E fans and Pathfinder players #IntoTheForest, and let’s see how high these trees can grow in the final THREE days! 


In addition, today we are pleased to present the latest installment in your postapocalyptic sci-fi setting, 2099 Wasteland (5E)! This epic 183-page monster of campaign manual brings you not only a nuke-blasted future-world of mutants and monsters but also a desperate race for survival by valiant heroes trying to make it one more day! With well over a hundred new monsters, classes, races, items, feats, skill uses, and tons of ready-to-use NPCs, 2099 Wasteland will take your 5th Edition campaign to a whole new world of adventure! Grab it today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG



Greek Monsters, Forest HeroLab, and More!

On this MYTHIC MONDAY we are pleased to present the latest legion of legendarily lethal beasts: Mythic Monsters: Greek right now! From fantastic fey like dryads, fauns, and oceanids to menacing mythic monstrosities like the mythic chimera, gorgon, scylla, and charybdis, you’ll find a truly awesome assortment of allies and adversaries, plus new magic items inspired by Jason and the Argonauts like the golden fleece and yoke of the brazen bull! You can get this new book right now at the Legendary Games webstoreOpen Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPG, and Amazon!

Meanwhile, the fantastic Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium project keeps on climbing those trees, now over 550% funded with ANOTHER stretch goal adding to its burgeoning bestiary! Next up we have a brand-new section on Faerie Bargains, the concluding chapter in the faerie trilogy (along with Faerie Passions and Faerie Mysteries) at $24,000, even more monsters at $26,000, and then on to SECRET PROJECTS!!! You can check out the latest update right here!

This Kickstarter ends NEXT MONDAY at 8:59 PM Pacific time, so don’t miss it. Keep spreading the word and bringing new heroes #IntoTheForest! 

We’re also rapidly closing in on new chapters of the Mythic Monsters series, with Mythic Monsters: Fey awaiting a final bit of artwork, and the design for Mythic Monsters: South Pacific nearly done as well, with art orders going out tonight! A number of projects that will be part of the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium will also be available for sale as standalone PDFs, for those who want to pick them up individually, including Forest Archetypes, Royal Tournaments, and Faerie Bargains, and we also have even more adventures and archetypes closing in on completion, including a pair of new Legendary Beginnings adventures and more material for the Winter, Horror, Red Queen, and Righteous Crusade product lines!

There is so much more coming your way soon from LG!



The Forest is Growing… to Greece!

Our amazing Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium project is steadily striding towards 5 times its funding goal at $20,000 and beyond, bringing with it new occult options fit for the forest, with legendary spirits, fey mesmerists, and more! Plus bonus goals just a few backers away, and new surprises from superfan GM Solspiral ahead as well! You can check out the latest Kickstarter update here; meanwhile, keep spreading the word to get even more 5E fans and Pathfinder players #IntoTheForest, and let’s see how high these trees can grow in the final 10 days! 


Of course, Legendary doesn’t stand still for just one project, no matter how big, and we’ll have big announcements by the end of the weekend about Legendary Planet, but we also have something to share right now! This book will be available everywhere next week on MYTHIC MONDAY, but we know that fans of the Legendary Games webstore are also steeped in the classics, so we’re giving you an exclusive early opportunity to pick up the brand-new Mythic Monsters: Greek right now! From fantastic fey like dryads, fauns, and oceanids to menacing mythic monstrosities like the mythic chimera, gorgon, scylla, and charybdis, you’ll find a truly awesome assortment of allies and adversaries, plus new magic items inspired by Jason and the Argonauts like the golden fleece and yoke of the brazen bull! You can get this new book exclusively right here at the Legendary Games webstore!


Legendary VTT and HeroLab coders wanted!

Legendary Games has already established a positive presence in the electronic universe of RPG accessories, with a library of 5th Edition and Pathfinder products available at Fantasy Grounds and d20Proas well as the Gothic Campaign Compendium, Mythic Hero’s Handbook, Mythic Monster Manual, and Mythic Spell Compendium available on HeroLab. If you like to use those systems and haven’t picked up our products, by all means give them a look and tell your friends! That said, with the growing number of players using electronic enhancements for their games like these as well as Roll20 and RealmWorks, we are eager to broaden our presence as well, and that is where we need YOU! 

Legendary Games is looking to hire coders to work on translating even more of our terrific product library for use with these systems. If you are a skilled user of Fantasy Grounds, d20Pro, Roll20, 3D Virtual Tabletop, HeroLab, RealmWorks, or a similar system and also very familiar with either the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or the 5th Edition of the world’s most famous RPG, or if you know someone who is and would like to earn cash money and/or free product from Legendary Games, let us know at and we would love to talk to you!


It’s a Mental Monday and a Fantastic Forest!

Today we are delighted and excited to debut the latest from Legendary, Occult Archetypes II, with an astonishing assortment of almost 20 amazing archetypes – both for psychic classes and other classes dabbling in mentalism and the occult – and a like number of fantastic phrenic feats, all brought to you by the terrific team of Julian Neale and Clinton J. Boomer! You can pick up this new psychic sourcebook right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGand Amazon! While you’re at it, why not pick up the classic Occult Archetypes or any of our amazing Occult Plug-Ins right here!

The release of Mythic Monsters: Greek is imminent, and we are also excited to announce that the NEXT chapter in that epic series also has been sent off to the layout gods, the 48th installment in the Mythic Monsters series, about which we’ll be telling you more quite soon! Legendary Planet: Dead Vault Descent (5E) is on the cusp of release to backers, and we’ve been getting in the last few pieces of art for the next chapter in the series, The Depths of Desperation, and they are looking so good that I just had to share at least one, by the amazing Arrahman Rendi!

Of course, we can’t leave out the incredible response to the Aethera Campaign Settingwhich continues its reign atop the sales leader boards. The PDF is available now, and you can preorder the print book and print/PDF bundles exclusively right here at the Legendary Games webstore, making sure you get in the first wave of shipments when books arrive in August! We thank each and every one of your for your support of this fantastic product and hope you are looking forward to the great new Aethera books coming down the line.

Speaking of support, we close with a shout of thanks to everyone who has gone #IntoTheForest with us on the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium Kickstarter, as we currently sit at 230 backers and almost $17,000 and we aren’t even halfway through! We thank each backer, from the simple Foresters to the members of our Royal Court of the Forest (only FOUR slots left to become royalty!!!), and we hope you’ll continue helping us spread the word. Whether you’re a 5E fan or a Pathfinder player, if you like wilderness adventuring and staking a claim to greatness and glory in your campaign, you are going to love this book!  Become a backer today and help us reach even MORE amazing stretch goals (based on total money and on number of backers – even a small donation helps everybody get some extra neat stuff). Don’t be afraid… come with us #IntoTheForest!!!


Psychics, Greek Myths, Forest Kingdoms, and Conquering Planets!

This weekend is a mighty busy one in Legendary-land! One week after it’s release, the already-legendary Aethera Campaign Setting continues its reign as the #1 product on all of DrivethruRPG! Meanwhile, the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium Kickstarter marches on #IntoTheForest, now over 300% funded and blowing through stretch goals bringing more monsters, forest feats, awesome archetypes, and expanded rules for tournaments and festivals, and is less than $500 away from ANOTHER goal, bringing even more misshapen monsters that backers get to vote on, like the jabberwock, jubjub bird, and frumious bandersnatch! Plus, we are just 15 backers away from 200, when the bonus goals start rolling in based on the total number of backers!

The latest chapter of the amazing Legendary Planet saga is almost ready for 5E release to backers, with Dead Vault Descent (5E) expected to be ready this weekend for backers, and not long thereafter to everyone. We are already assembling the pieces of the next installment, The Depths of Desperation, and will be launching that one into layout next week for Pathfinder!

Of course, we also have plenty of other projects on their way at Legendary Games, including the release of the latest accessory to stimulate your psychic spellcasters and occult crusaders with Occult Archetypes II! We’ve previewed this new book several times this week, but for a final taste we thought we’d run down the list of archetypes you’ll find within!

Alterationist (alchemist archetype)                                                                                          

Alchemist Discovery: Fire Blast                                                                                     

Archetype Variant: Philosophic Transmuter (alchemist archetype)        

Astropsychic (psychic archetype)                                                                                              

Aura Master (investigator archetype)                                                                     

Indomitable (kineticist archetype)

Iron Mind (barbarian archetype)                                                                                               

Archetype Variant: Bronze Mind (barbarian archetype)                                              

Kinetic Wizard (wizard archetype)                                                                                            

Martial Occultist (occultist archetype)                                                                     

Martial Seer (paladin/antipaladin archetype)                                                      

Psychic Hunter (psychic archetype)                                                                                         

Psychic Oracle (oracle archetype)                                                                                             

Rage Lord (barbarian archetype)                                                                                               

Soulful Druid (druid archetype)                                                                                 

Tranquil Occultist (occultist archetype)                                                                   

Trick Master (mesmerist archetype)  

Plus a gaggle of awesome Occult Feats too numerous and magnificent to list! 

Occult Archetypes 2 should be finished in layout this weekend and will be on its way soon, but wait, there’s more! The 47th!!! installment in the epic Mythic Monsters series takes on a truly classic monstrous legendarium, that of ancient Greece! After a long simmer this awesome accessory is out of the Bronze Age and off to layout and will be heading your way soon!

Mythic Monsters: Greek brings you an amazing and exciting assortment of monsters from the legends and lore of Greece, from enchanting spirits of nature to ferocious and legendary monsters fit for the greatest of epic heroes, ranging from CR 2 to 20. Some natives of Greek mythology are friendly and playful like the frolicsome faun and beautiful dryad and their seagoing oceanid cousins. Others may put on a pleasant guise or use their uncanny powers to lure heroes to destruction, like the song of the siren and the harpy or the enigmatic foresight of the cyclops. Some Greek monsters are clad in scales of bronze and iron, like the soaring stymphalides or the petrifying gorgon, and many are misshapen multi-headed monsters like the guardian cerberi or the savage chimera. Finally, the true titans challenged the Greek gods for supremacy, their monstrous brood left behind gargantuan monsters like the twin terrors of scylla and charybdis! As if a dozen existing monsters were not enough, the brand-new stheno, the immortal, brazen-scaled sisters of medusa whose strength and savagery defy description. In addition to the featured creatures, we bring you a bevy of magnificent magic items drawn from the legends of Jason and the Argonauts, the perfect prizes for mythic adventures with a taste for the classics!

Coming next week from Legendary Games, maybe even in time for MYTHIC MONDAY!!!


Space Kingdom, Forest Kingdom, and Awesome Archetypes

This past weekend saw the launch of our latest Kickstarter project, the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium for Pathfinder and 5th Edition, and what a launch it was! Thanks to the TREE-mendous support of our fans, we funded the project in four hours and have already blasted through the first two stretch goals, adding new monsters, feats, archetypes, and more to the book. Some of our authors have been in touch behind the scenes with some great ideas for even more awesome stretch goals, so pile on now so we can make those a reality! There are tons of fun add-ons you can use to expand your rewards, and if you really want to make your mark on the Forest Kingdom, there are only 7 slots left for you to join our Royal Court of the Forest and get a personalized hardcover packed with exciting extras! The project runs through April 24th, and even small pledges entitle you to help vote for the bonus beasts we’re adding to the book, help us reach special bonuses based on total number of backers. Join over 100 backers already in and get #IntoTheForest

In addition, last Friday marked the wide release of the amazing Aethera Campaign Setting for Pathfinder RPG, and the response has been amazing. This epic interplanetary adventure setting has been not just the #1 Pathfinder product but the #1 product period at DrivethruRPG, and that’s a testament to the incredible quality packed into these pages by Robert Brookes and the #AetheraRPG team! For fans awaiting the print version, we have gotten the first print proof of the final hardback book from our printer and it is looking great. A few final tweaks and it’ll be ready to print and on track to arrive in time for GenCon. You can get the PDF right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPGand you can preorder the print version and print/PDF bundles exclusively at the Legendary Games webstore (expected delivery August 2017).

Those are big projects, but never let it be said that the world stands still while we’re in the midst of such magnificent mayhem! Coming soon, hopefully this Friday, is the latest expansion for the magic of the mind, Occult Archetypes II by Julian Neale and Clinton J. Boomer! Here’s a quick preview of what you can expect:

Unlock the Mysteries of the Mind!

Occult Archetypes II opens up new vistas of psychic secrets and mental magic for your Pathfinder campaign! The new psychic rules and occult oddities found in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Occult Adventures open up a vast new playground for heroes and villains of every kind, and within these pages you’ll find incredible new options for psychic spellcasters and non-psychic classes that dabble in the magic of the mind! You’ll find 16 awesome archetypes, from psychic warriors like the iron mind barbarian, indomitable kineticist, and martial seer paladin to scholars like the astropsychic, tranquil occultist, kinetic wizard, and aura master! You’ll also find almost 20 innovative and exciting new feats for unlocking your character’s psychic potential, like Incredible Hidden Power and Serene Ascendance, or focusing the power they already have like Accelerating Kinetics and Mask of Raw Divinity! Whatever flavor of psychic strangeness is your favorite, grab this psychic supplement today and will Make Your Game Legendary!

As if that weren’t enough, we are also at work on Corrupted Archetypes, the latest supplement for our Righteous Crusade AP Plug-Ins line, and we have a trio of long-awaited adventures coming close to fruition, including On the Siberian Line by Pedro Coelho for the Winter AP and a pair of new beginner adventures: Crisis at Falling Spring Station by Legendary newcomer Brian Suskind and A Feast of Flavor by Rachel Ventura! Of course, the bonus projects we’re creating for the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium also will be available as standalone PDFs after the project is complete!


INTO THE WOODS! The Forest Kingdom Kickstarter is HERE!

The forest is the heart and lifeblood of fantasy, from sun-dappled fairy glades to tangled thickets infested with monsters, and if you are a fan of classic RPGs adventure, this one is for you! 3… 2… 1… LAUNCH!!!

The Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium Kickstarter is HERE!

This incredible accessory incorporates our entire series of River Kings/Kingdom-Building Adventure Path Plug-Ins for Pathfinder and 5th Edition, most of which have never been available in print before. In addition to classic LG adventures like Cold Mountain and Horns of the Hunted, you’ll find marvelous monsters from the Boreal Bestiary and Coldwood Codex, magnificent magic items from Treasury of the Kingdom, ready-to-play characters from Conquering Heroes, and incredible new rules subsystems for fey in Faerie Mysteries and Faerie Passions. Stretch goals will provide not only enhanced artwork but also an ever-expanding bestiary of beasts of the wild. PLUS bonus goals also will bring you incredible never-before-seen content including new forest feats, archetypes and character options, as well as the long-awaited rules for royal tournaments and festivals of every kind! You also can add on copies of our award-winning kingdom-building and mass combat books like Ultimate Rulership, Ultimate Battle, Ultimate War, and Kingdoms for Pathfinder or 5E, or our classic Gothic Campaign Compendium if you want to add a taste of horror to the heart of the forest!

The book’s final page count depends on stretch goals, but we expect it to end up around 280-300 pages, and almost all of the planned written content (including stretch goals) and artwork is already done, and we have artists standing ready to take on newly sponsored artwork chosen by YOU, should any of you wish to be dubbed Knights of the Woodland Realm or crowned as part of the Royal Court of the Forest!

This Kickstarter project runs through Monday, April 24th, but you want to get your pledge in TODAY, and help us spread the word. Please like, share, +1, retweet, and comment when you see us on social media to help spread the word and make sure everyone knows about this book. If you’ve got questions, let us know on Facebook, Google+, Twitter (@LegendaryGamesJ)the Paizo messageboards,, ENWorld, or directly by email at!

We appreciate the support of so many fans and friends and all you do to help make our work possible, and we hope you that this exciting new book will absolutely Make Your Game Legendary!