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A LEGENDARY time at PaizoCon – so SAVE BIG!

We’ve been having a great time at PaizoCon 2016! Our playtest special tournament for The Scavenged Codex was a huge success, and we had good turnout at our Hypercorps 2099 and What’s New with Legendary Games? seminars. Today brings Paris Crenshaw and Rachel Ventura running kid’s track events with Into the Feyweald and Trail of the Apprentice: The Bandit’s CaveLast night also brought the exciting revelation of Paizo’s new Starfinder RPGwhich obviously will be of interest to anyone who loves it when sci-fi and fantasy meet!

Remember to take advantage of our PaizoCon sale running through May 31st – 40% off Pathfinder PDFs and 20% print and bundles at Paizo.comand right here on the Legendary Games webstore use the coupon code PAIZOCON40 to get 40% off almost everything!!!

You can download and check out our PowerPoint presentation and all the previews right here, but we’d like to share the cover art for the full compilation of the Legendary Planet AP, courtesy of the amazing Ralph Horsley! This is what sword and planet pulp looks like!

Legendary Planet_Cover_Horsley_Final


Legendary Exclusives and SAVINGS for PaizoCon!

PaizoCon is upon is, and in honor of this august occasion we are delighted to point you to our friends over at to save 40% off almost all Pathfinder PDFs and 20% off Pathfinder print books and bundles this weekend. Of course, starting RIGHT NOW, you can get 40% OFF ALMOST EVERYTHING IN THE LEGENDARY GAMES WEBSTORE! Just use the coupon code PAIZOCON40 and save on any and every product – whether PDF, print, or bundle – save for a handful of new products marked with **.

Speaking of new products, of course, we are proud to present a set of PaizoCon exclusives for both Pathfinder and 5th Edition, available right now EXCLUSIVELY at the Legendary Games webstore. Until after PaizoCon is over, you can’t get these products anywhere else!

Legendary Kineticists Cover

Brought to you by kineticist scribe extraordinaire Brian Jolly in his debut product for Legendary Games, this encyclopedic accessory is 46 pages jam-packed with killer kinetic content, including 140 new blasts, defenses, infusions, and wild talents, 7 archetypes, plus masterpieces, magic items, saturations, and more! Get it right here!


For 5th Edition fans, we have a 3rd-level 5E adventure in an accursed city sweltering in the shadows of long-fallen civilizations. The city trembles before the withering fury of the sun itself as an ancient evil awakens and threatens to destroy heroes and villains alike! This 42-page adventure by Pedro Coelho features urban intrigue and peril and plunder among the dusty tombs of the elder kingdoms. Get it here!


Last but not least, we have another 3rd-level adventure, this one available for both Pathfinder and 5E! This 48-page adventure by Paris Crenshaw takes the heroes through a deadly wilderness into a trap-infested lair of the mysterious Fox Prince, seeking his aid to unravel a plot that threatens the entire kingdom if they cannot meet his price. This is the third adventure in the Trail of the Apprentice saga, and is a great old-school romp for experienced players as well as an ideal adventure series for introducing new and younger players to RPGs. Get the Pathfinder version here or the 5th Edition version here!

Keep an eye here or on our Facebook page for pictures from PaizoCon, and on Saturday keep an eye out for the PowerPoint presentation from our What’s New with Legendary Games? seminar, which will reveal a TON of amazing products coming soon from Legendary Games! Meanwhile, shop right here at the Legendary Games webstore and save, Save, SAVE with coupon code PAIZOCON40.


Some LEGENDARY news for PaizoCon!

If you’re a subscriber to our Myths and Legends newsletter (and you totally should – sign up here!), you’ve already gotten a foretaste of the amazing lineup of products coming in the next several months, and those of you coming to PaizoCon 2016 can find out even more at our What’s New with Legendary Games? seminar on Saturday 5/28 from 4:00-5:00 PM. However, we wanted to let you in on a couple of more very important announcements right now!

  1.  Since at Legendary Games we love to make great products AND save you big money, we are celebrating PaizoCon 2016 with a big sale at the webstore. Starting Friday when PaizoCon begins and running through the end of May, you can pick up almost every Pathfinder product we sell for 40% OFF PDFS and 20% PRINT AND PRINT BUNDLESThis special sale also applies on products you buy at the Paizo dealer room at PaizoCon, so come by and see us and say hi and save some cash!
  2. Of course, here at our own webstore, since we aren’t paying any consignment fees to anybody, we can do you one better! In lieu of a TWO$DAY product of the week this week, we are instead offering a simple coupon code: PAIZOCON40, which starting tomorrow gets you 40% OFF PDF AND PRINT PRODUCTS! This applies to all but our newest Pathfinder and 5E releases (marked with **) and is valid through May 31st.
  3. This week we will also be debuting several PaizoCon exclusive products that will be available right here at the Legendary Games webstore and nowhere else, including Legendary Kineticists, Beneath the Festered Sun (5E), and Trail of the Apprentice: The Thieves’ Den!

Finally, we also want to give a special shout-out to Rick Kunz, who has just been named the Art Director for Legendary Games. Rick has been working with us on layout for several years, coming over from the commercial graphic design world but wanting to pursue his passion for RPG products, and his hard work, skills, talents, and terrific team spirit have been a joy. He’ll be coordinating formats and standards with our team of artists all over the world and coordinating however we need it with our layout team including Rick Hershey and BJ Hensley. As fans you may not realize how important a good layout artist is, but without them, there’s no product, and we are pleased to have some very talented folks working with us. Bey0nd talent, though, it’s a great thing to work with great people, and that is definitely the case with our new Art Director, so Viva la Rick!

Rick Kunz image

P.S. While we’re talking layout, let me give an extra shout to some of our past layout artists, including Reece Ambrose, Dain Nielsen, Liz Courts, and our original layout man Tim Wickham! 


A MYTHIC MONDAY full of magic and monsters!

Today brings us the latest of our PDF series devoted to intrigue in your adventures with Mythic Mini 90: Intrigue Magic Feats, with 8 new mythic feats for your sneaky and seductive spellcasters to use to make their magic more mysterious. You can pick up this new mini for just $1 at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

MM 90 Cover

But a bit of magic is hardly the end of our new offerings! Our 5E fans will be delighted by the debut of Beasts of Legend: Boreal Bestiary (5E), a collection of cold and cruel creatures from Challenge 1 to 17 ready to lay waste to your hapless heroes! Each creature is rendered in loving and lavish detail in terms of artwork and lore on top of their delightful combat mechanics that will make every one a memorable encounter. Pick up the Boreal Bestiary today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG!

Boreal Bestiary-1


Mythic Monday says “Clever girl!” with 5 stars on top!

But you can be clever now too with the latest intrigue supplement from Legendary Games: Mythic Minis 89: Clever Combat Feats! This collection of dirty tricks and sneaky swordplay is available right now for just a dollar at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

MM 89 Cover

We’d also like to give a shout-out to Beasts of Legend: Beasts of the East, the latest recipient of a 5-star Endzeitgeist review! You can read his full review by following the link to his page, but his conclusion is as follows:

Additionally, it should be noted that we get an additional pdf containing paper pawns for the creatures herein – kudos for going the extra mile here. Thuston Hillman’s beasts from the east constitute a cool little bestiary: When he gets creatures right, they are absolutely awesome; in particular the more unique ones make sense and a sufficient elaboration on their respective modus operandi provides ideas for enterprising GMs to use them. At the same time, though, I do feel that this pdf does not reach the lofty heights of some other bestiaries from Legendary Games – the naga, bakeneko and the sirin-po feel like they fall a bit short of being as unique as their concepts warrant. Make no mistake, though – at the low price-point, this book is most certainly a steal and a great addition to your bestiary-arsenal.

You can pick up Beasts of the East right here for Pathfinder, and it will be available next month for 5th Edition as well!

makeyourgamelegendary - Beasts of the East cover (small)


From Past Lives to Legendary Beginnings, we CONQUER!

Today offers a bonanza of new material for Pathfinder and 5th Edition from Legendary Games! Our generous patrons at Patreon have helped us bring to life a personal Pathfinder passion project from the marvelous Michael Kortes, an amazing supplement exploring the notion of reincarnation. Not the kind where you get brought back from the dead as a badger or a kobold, but the notion of past lives that cycle back through the real world, with ancient legacies that tangle your destiny with legendary figures from the past! Chock full of Past Life Profiles, incarnation feats, unique magic items, and more, you can pick up Past Lives: Secrets of Reincarnation right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG!


Of course, sometimes you need a hero RIGHT NOW, and that’s why we are excited to debut our first compilation of pregenerated characters for 5th Edition! These lavishly detailed and illustrated heroes are ideal as allies, enemies, rivals, or even playable characters, each one with a detailed backstory and connections with other characters, and well-suited for any campaign wandering in the wild, delving into the hollow hills and the faerie forests, blazing a trail and carving out a kingdom of your own! Plus, foldable paper minis for each character! You can grab this 5E collection of Conquering Heroes right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

Conquering Heroes (5E) cover image

Last, but certainly not least, we have the debut in wide release of the first TWO adventures from our Trail of the Apprentice introductory adventure saga, available for BOTH Pathfinder and 5th Edition! Start off with the 1st-level adventure The Bandit’s Cave as you chase down notorious brigands that have stolen a town’s greatest treasure, and proceed on to the 2nd-level adventure The King’s Curse as you uncover a plot to steal even more mysterious artifacts from a lavish museum, though even if you succeed you risk unleashing an awful curse! Our backers have already received the next installment, The Thieves’ Den, and more adventures are coming soon, but you can pick up these fabulous adventures in print or PDF at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo (Pathfinder or 5th Edition Bandit’s Cave or King’s Curse), DrivethruRPGor Amazon! 

Bandit Cave Cover


It’s MYTHIC MONDAY Misdirection… plus 80% off Legendary Rogues!

Today’s MYTHIC MONDAY delves deeper into the arts of deception with Mythic Minis 88: Feats of Misdirection! You can grab this collection of 9 terrific mythic feats of intrigue right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

MM 88 Cover

As if that weren’t enough baffling bluster and true trickery, we are offering a special discount on the masters of manipulation and the sultans of skullduggery. That’s right, we are making Legendary Rogues our TWO$DAY product of the week in celebration of its appearance on Endzeitgeist’s Top Ten of 2015! For this week through next Monday, you’ll be able to grab Legendary Rogues for just 2 dollars right there at the Legendary Games webstore! 


Hybrids and Hypers are Here! Plus keep saving big!

First off, a quick reminder that big savings are afoot, from 20% to 40% off now through SUNDAY on Pathfinder and 5E Sci-Fi/Fantasy products like Metal Gods and Legendary Planet, plus 50% off the entire Ultimate Relationships line!

Of course, we aren’t just offering savings! The brand-new Hypercorps 2099 product line is now available in wide release for Pathfinder and 5E! Try before you buy with FIVE free preview PDFs, or grab the full-scale Hypercorps 2099 rulebook and setting or either or both of the brand-new adventures Specimens in Centralia and Thrillville or Killville? You can grab them all at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo (Pathfinder or 5E), or DrivethruRPG!

Hypercorps 2099 5E cover

In addition, we are debuting a brand-new product series for our Legendary Heroes line of class-focused products. Behold, the DEADEYE HEXERThis brand-new 20-level hybrid class blends witchcraft and gunplay to produce a deadly and delightful high plains drifter for your Pathfinder campaign! Pick it up today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, DrivethruRPGor Amazon!

Deadeye Hexer Cover

Last but not least, members of our Egyptian Adventure Path Plug-Ins Patreon are about to download the latest product in that line, the long-awaited Past Lives: Secrets of Reincarnation by the magnificent Michael Kortes! It will be available next week in wide release, but our patrons get first dibs! If you’ve ever thought about how to make life before and after death mean something very interesting in your campaign, you have got to check this out!



MAY THE FOURTH is time to save BIG and get HYPER!

Today we celebrate the grand space opera and salute all things sci-fi and space, and in honor of that celebration we are running sales all over the place!  At  Open Gaming Store, you can pick up all of our Metal Gods AP Plug-Ins at 40% off and our Legendary Planet product line at 20% off! You can get the same discounts at, whether you want Metal GodsLegendary Planet (Pathfinder), or Legendary Planet (5E)!

Of course, we can do you one better right here at the Legendary Games webstore, with a 40% OFF coupon on BOTH Metal Gods and Legendary Planet, including print versions and print/PDF bundles not available at Paizo! Just enter the code MAYTHE4TH and SAVE!

But today is not just about big savings; it’s also about bringing you a brand-new sci-fi franchise from Legendary Games! Last summer we partnered with Mike Myler & Co. on a project Mike hatched with one of LG’s founders, Clinton J. Boomer. Mike and his team ran a successful Kickstarter campaign last fall and this spring have brought forth a cyber-super-sci-fi behemoth: HYPERCORPS 2099

Hypercorps 2099 5E cover

Set in a dystopian magitech future, this setting and system is available for both Pathfinder and 5th Edition, with both a massive core Hypercorps 2099 book for each system as well as brand-new adventures Specimens in Centralia and Thrillville or Killville? If you’re curious and want to try before you buy, the team also created FIVE FREE PDFs! Give them a look, and once you’ve gotten a taste come back and pick up the full setting and system, which is available exclusively right here at the Legendary Games webstore, before it’s available anywhere else!


An Intriguing MYTHIC MONDAY!

Today marks the start of a new series of products devoted to the arts of Intrigue! The Asian-themed Imperial Intrigue and Mythic Magic: Intrigue Spells are  well underway, and starting today you can pick up the first in a series of Mythic Minis that dial up the power of persuasion to eleven! Mythic Minis 87: Feats of Diplomacy is the first in this series, and you can pick it up today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

MM 87 Cover

Coming soon in this line:

Mythic Minis 88: Feats of Misdirection

Mythic Minis 89: Clever Combat Feats

Mythic Minis 90: Intrigue Magic Feats

Mythic Minis 91: Feats of Cunning

Mythic Minis 92: Intrigue Magic Feats II

Mythic Minis 93: Feats of Agility

Mythic Minis 94: Criminal Feats