Daily Archives: January 8, 2016

Egypt is here and Winter Is Coming, but it’s a pirate’s life for me!

We have been having a great time delving into the ruins of ancient Egypt, and we are looking forward to next week’s release of Winter Heroes, our first product in our new line of Winter AP Plug-Ins, but it’s also a delight to be back working on some of our projects that have been long sitting on the back burner. I’ve been editing and revising the core manuscript for the long-awaited Fort Scurvy, a high-level adventure through the castle of a pirate king! Check out Bruno Balixa’s illustration of a skeevy pirate town protected by the eponymous fort!

Pirate Port_BrunoBalixa_small

I am happy to report that things are progressing very nicely. I’m redesigning a lot of the encounters using the troop subtype, in parallel work on Ultimate Armies, and working out other details, so hopefully we’ll be ready to go to layout next month. Today I received the finished maps back from Jason Juta, a longtime collaborator with LG as an artist, and I am very impressed with his work and think you will be too.

Fort Scurvy Map 5

Fort Scurvy has expanded in the course of writing, and we may end up breaking off a separate element dealing with high-level fleet battles. We’ll see how things come along and whether it fits best as part and parcel of the same thing or as something else.

One other idea that’s been floating around has been the idea of Legendary Finales as a product line, wherein we create a high-level post-AP adventure that could serve as a “chapter 7” for an existing official adventure path. I’ve had an adventure outline put together for one of those for our pirate AP. It remains to see whether I’ll have time to actually write that adventure or not, but meanwhile we are hoping for a February release for Fort Scurvy, and it’ll be a joy to get this one finally off my desk and out to you, hopefully followed soon thereafter by Ultimate Armies, Royal Tournaments, and Way of the Blade!