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The time is R.I.P.E. for Fall Preview #8: Let OCCULTober to begin early!

We are delighted to announce the release of our final FREE preview PDF for the Hypercorps 2099 Kickstarter project, which has just under a week left to fund and is closing in on adding superstar artist Claudio Pozas for the cover art as our next stretch goal. You can pick up this spectacular sample adventure, A R.I.P.E. Investment (already bestowed with a 5-star review by Endzeitgeist), at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

cover - HC 2099 A R.I.P.E. Investment - small

But wait, there’s more! While Hypercorps 2099 reaches into a techno-cyber near future, the Pathfinder RPG has also taken a long and loving look into the esoteric mysteries of the near past, with the Victorian-inspired Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Occult Adventures. Taking the idea of mind-magic and psionics in a very different direction than past editions of the game, Occult Adventures established psychic magic and a half-dozen classes that use it as the core of an occult-themed vision of Pathfinder that draws upon wells of mysticism, alchemy, theosophy, astral projection, dreamwalking, cryptozoology, spiritualism, and more.

Into this fascinating new flavor of our favorite game, Legendary Games is proud to launch our new line of Occult Plug-Ins, products specially designed to dial the occult up to eleven in your game while at the same time making the new classes and rules easier to use and even more interesting to explore! The first product in this line is available NOW: Occult Character Codex: Psychics! - OCC - Psychics cover (small)

Similar to Legendary Games’ Pirate Codex and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game NPC Codex, each installment in this product line will bring you 20 detailed psychic stat blocks for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, plus advice on using that character class in play whether you’re a player looking for advice on constructing your own psychic character or a GM looking for pregenerated psychic characters ready to drop into your campaign at a moment’s notice as allies, enemies, or mysterious strangers. Check out the full details on this book’s product page at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoor DrivethruRPG and make your OCCULT game Legendary!

Future installments will look more deeply at other occult classes, like Occult Character Codex: Mediums, Occult Character Codex: Spiritualists, and more, but we’re not stopping there. For fans of the mythic rules, we are also working on Mythic Magic: Occult Spells to bring you mythic versions of the entire corpus of psychic magic, as well as mythic feats, classes, and more! We are also developing the Treasury of the Occult, bringing you an array of amazing occult-inspired items that fit delightfully into any adventure dabbling in horror, occultism, or the discovery of esoteric lore!


We are excited to bring you an entire new product line devoted to the occult rules and all the new possibilities they open up, and we hope you’ll enjoy reading and using them as much as we enjoy making them. In the meanwhile, keep your mystic third eye open; more forbidden lore awaits, and these are secrets we were definitely meant to know!


It’s a Marvelous Monday for Viking!

Today we are pleased to present the second in our ongoing weekly series of NPC relationship features, this time with Ultimate Relationships #2: The Viking Shieldmaiden! With a complete stat block featuring a bodacious barbarian using the new unchained rules on top of detailed relationship rewards and boons, your heroes will be well set up for friendship, flirtation, or even a feud with this lethal lass. Pick it up today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoor DrivethruRPG! - UR2 viking shieldmaiden cover


Hypercorps Hits a Hundred!

The Hypercorps 2099 Kickstarter has hit 100 backers with almost three weeks to go, and that means more free stuff for you! We’ll be releasing three more free preview PDFs, the first of which is available for you today! Already the proud possessor of a 5-star review and the coveted seal of approval from EndzeitgeistHypercorps 2099: Hypernet brings you deep into the virtual world that binds the cyber-super setting of Hypercorps together! You can download it now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG!


Coming soon are the Netjacker Class supplement and A R.I.P.E. Investment adventure! Check them out and keep spreading the word about Hypercorps 2099! 


Fall Preview #7: A new beginning for beginners!

I started playing RPGs when I was 10 years old, and my youngest child is now 11, and he and his friends enjoy playing games with the beginner boxed set for Pathfinder and have played around with the starter materials for 5th Edition as well. You can always create your own adventures, or modify a published adventure to fit with the simplified rules mechanics, or use those starter materials to bridge the gap for your young players into the regular rules for each game. However, modern adventures often veer into subject matter that may not be appropriate for younger players, or with plot themes that may not grab and hold their interest.

To help bridge this gap, this fall we are introducing Legendary Beginnings, a line of adventures designed with younger players in mind. These are not simple, dumbed-down adult adventures; they are designed from the ground up to be exciting and fun adventures that can be played with adults and kids together. If you’re thinking about trying to run a game for a youth group, scouting troop, after-school club, or just the kids in the neighborhood, or if you’re a parent looking to introduce your own children to the best hobby in the world, keep an eye out for Legendary Beginnings! We have several products in the works already, but if you’ve got ideas for things you would like to see in kid-friendly Pathfinder or 5th Edition products, let us know at!

Map and Inkpot - LG edit with boundries


One more MYTHIC MONDAY for the road, with preview #6!

Today marks the end of an era, as our long-running MYTHIC MONDAY series comes to a close with Mythic Minis 80: Inherent AdvancementThis simple system can be used in mythic and non-mythic games alike to help you break the tyranny of the boring “Big Six” magic items and their bland bonuses and make treasure a lot more fun by reorienting the way you think about treasure and how characters can accumulate the basic bonuses the game assumes without having to be decked out like Christmas trees with monotonous magic items just to keep their numbers up. You can pick up this innovative and simple system at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

Mythic Minis 80 - Inherent Advancement cover

But if that’s the last hurrah for the Mythic Minis series (at least for now; we might revisit it at some point in the future), then what will replace it? Well, we figured after 80 weekly products with very few missed weeks in there, we thought maybe it was time for some R&R. Rest and relaxation? No way! How about Rivals and Relationships! 

Spinning off of Mark Seifter’s best-selling Ultimate Relationships book (and its followup, Imperial Relationships), the Rivals and Relationships line will be bringing you a new character and relationship just about every week! Some will continue following up on familiar character archetypes from the Far East Adventure Path, while others may be drawn from other Adventure Paths or other common character archetypes, though every one will be a standalone character concept that you could just as easily slip into any campaign. In addition to friendly NPCs or potential romantic interests, this product line will also feature rivals and even antagonists who may not be precisely enemies but can become ongoing foils and NPCs your characters will love to hate! Keep an eye out for next week’s first installment in the Rivals and Relationships line, RR1: The Lonely Lyrakien! Here’s a quick preview just for you!

Description and Overview: The Lonely Lyrakien is a lyrakien cleric of Lady Luck who once traveled as the ally of a more powerful human cleric until her companion met an untimely end. Afterwards, she prayed to Lady Luck to show her guidance in her travels and set off on a random path, letting luck and the stars decide. Eventually, she reached the place where she saw a sign and decided to stay (in the Far Eastern Adventure Path, that location is an abandoned graveyard). There she has been watching and waiting to see why that spot is where she should stay. In addition to the Far Eastern Adventure Path, the Lonely Lyrakien is an excellent match for any Adventure Path or home game with a Chaotic Good outlook, particularly those involving travel or overthrowing tyranny. The Lonely Lyrakien’s relationship link is focused self-discovery and understanding more of her role in the universe.  As she grows closer to the PC, she becomes more willing to talk about her former companion, and her thoughts about destiny and luck.   

Preferred Gifts and Interactions: The Lonely Lyrakien is difficult to influence with gifts and interactions. She prefers unique experiences and tires of repetition more quickly than usual. The one thing she appreciates most of all is something that can lift an oppressive mood and bring optimism and good cheer to others; in her mind, a perfectly-crafted joke can do all of those things, but she dislikes mean-spirited and hurtful jokes.

Affinity Notes: The Lonely Lyrakien has a positive affinity for clergy of Lady Luck, like herself and her former companion.  She has negative affinity for evil characters and particularly for demons and those who worship them. If an adventuring party includes both the Lonely Lyrakien and the Mute Harpy, this antagonism might lead to interesting interactions between the PCs and NPCs.



The Heavenly Host is Here!

The latest in our Mythic Monsters series, this time devoted to the tireless titans of goodness and glory, Mythic Monsters 30: Heavenly Host is now available in wide release! A dozen and one avenging angels and awesome agathions are here for you, along with a system of sacred feats for both mythic and non-mythic characters alike, for those willing to devote themselves to the service of the better angels of their nature! Pick up Mythic Monsters 30: Heavenly Host at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG!

Heavenly Host Cover



Fall Preview #5: Heavenly Host incoming, plus Legendary Planet!

Today we take you on a deeper look inside the pages of Mythic Monsters: Heavenly Host, the 30th installment in this series! We already previewed the table of contents, and we’ll give you a taste of what you’ll find within. Every Mythic Monsters book has a dozen and one monsters (at least), but each also comes with an installment of bonus content relevant to the creatures profiled within. In this case, we introduce the concept of Sacred feats, which are not just the usual kind of open-ended feat slot-fillers you’may be used to. To even qualify to take them, you must first perform a service for a celestial being, which enables you to take the following “gateway” feat:

Sanctified Servant

Your acts of service to the powers of the upper planes have brought you their blessings.

Prerequisite: Cha 13, good alignment, able to speak Celestial, and you must have performed a service for a mythic outsider (minimum mythic rank 2) with the good subtype.

Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on Charisma checks and Charisma-based skill checks made with good-aligned creatures, who can sense the aura of beneficence that surrounds you. You take a -1 penalty on such checks with evil-aligned creatures, save that on Intimidate checks you gain a +2 bonus instead of taking a penalty.

Special: This feat serves as the prerequisite for other sacred feats. An outsider with the good subtype is treated as if it had this feat for the purpose of meeting feat prerequisites.

Mythic: The bonuses granted by this feat are increased by 1, but the penalty on Charisma checks and Charisma-based skill checks (other than Intimidate) with evil creatures increases to ─4. You may expend one use of your mythic power to suppress this penalty for 1 hour.

Once you have been anointed as a Sacred Servant, you must then take and follow a vow, akin to a monk’s vow, and after faithfully fulfilling that vow for at least a month you then gain the benefit of an additional sacred feat as a bonus feat (and, as you rise in level, you can gain more than one sacred feat by keeping multiple vows). Sample sacred feats included in this book are Healing Hands, Heavenly Halo, Purified Magic, Purified Spell, Purify Spell-like Ability, Sacred Spell Resistance, Sanctified Sneak, and Sanctified Strike, and all are presented with standard and mythic versions of each feat.

Of course, heavenly beings themselves can get in on the purification act, as exemplified by this ability for the mythic movanic deva:

Purifying Flame (Su) A mythic movanic deva’s flaming greatsword functions as a flaming burst greatsword against undead, and one-half of the fire damage it deals is treated as untyped damage that bypasses the fire resistance or immunity of evil creatures. When its sword is used to touch a good-aligned creature as a full-round action, that creature is outlined in purifying flames akin to faerie fire for 1 round, and at the end of that time it receives the simultaneous benefits of remove curse, remove disease, and remove fear. In addition, as a full-round action a mythic movanic deva can expend two uses of its mythic power while whirling its sword overhead. This creates a burst of light equivalent to daylight lasting 1 minute, centered on the deva, and all good-aligned creatures within 20 feet are limned in purifying flames as described above. 

Mythic Monsters: Heavenly Host, featuring the very best of the good outsiders will be available for you tomorrow in wide release!

But let’s not forget about the amazing Legendary Planet project that is in full swing here at Legendary Games! The next adventure in the series, To Worlds Unknown, is almost finished with editing and development and will be heading to layout soon, which means the Legendary Planet Player’s Guide and The Assimilation Strain will both be going on sale to the general public when it does. For backers of the Kickstarter, check out the latest update announcing that you can download revised versions of both the Pathfinder and 5th Edition PDFs right now, using your same download links – if you have any trouble, just email us at We’ve also included a bunch of incredible preview art in that update, and right here we’re also going to share the latest cover for this series by the terrific Tim Kings-Lynne!

Dead Vault Descent Cover


It’s an uncommon sort of MYTHIC MONDAY and a Heavenly preview #4!

This week’s foray into feats visits some of the oddball, unusual, and downright uncommon playable races that nonetheless are the favorites in some of the farther reaches of the Pathfinder player-verse! Mythic Minis 79: Uncommon Racial feats brings you 11 fabulous feats for changelings, grippli, merfolk, strix, and kobolds! Pick it up now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG

Mythic Minis 79 - Uncommon Racial Feats cover

But wait, there’s more! We spend a lot of time in fantasy RPGs on bad guys – villains, monsters, and menaces of all kinds – but there has always been room in the game for good-aligned creatures – the angels and servants of the powers of good, which might be summoned to battle the hordes of evil, or stand as guardians of an ancient shrine, or serve as adversaries in an evil campaign (or in a standard campaign, if you’re using the “fallen angel” trope).

This week’s upcoming new release follows this pathway with a legion of celestial servants, as we prepare to bring you Mythic Monsters: Heavenly Host by Jason Nelson, Jonathan H. Keith, and Sean K Reynolds! We’ve already introduced mythic archons in Mythic Monsters: Lords of Law and mythic azatas in Mythic Monsters: Masters of Chaos, and of course a whole collection of benevolent beasts in Mythic Monsters: Guardians of Good, and this week’s release continues that expansion of your mythic monster supply with a dozen and one angels and agathions to fill out the ranks of the extraplanar armies of light! Tomorrow we’ll give you a look at some of the bonus content we’ll be including in this book, but for today we’ll show you the table of contents so you can see which angels to expect, from the cuddly silvanshee to the spectacular solar!



CR 3/MR 1 –     Agathion, silvanshee

CR 3/MR 1 –    Angel, cassisian

CR 7/MR 3 –    Agathion, vulpinal

CR 8/MR 3 –     Agathion, rhampholeal

CR 11/MR 4 –   Agathion, avoral

CR 12/MR 5 –   Angel, movanic deva

CR 15/MR 6 –   Agathion, leonal

CR 15/MR 6 –   Angel, monadic deva

CR 17/MR 7 –   Angel, astral deva

CR 18/MR 7 –   Agathion, cetaceal

CR 20/MR 8 –   Angel, planetar

CR 25/MR 10 –  Agathion, draconal

CR 28/MR 10 –  Angel, solar




Legendary Swashbucklers NOW AVAILABLE, and so is the Hypercorps Pathfinder Primer!

Today sees a double-shot of new releases from Legendary Games, including the latest in our line of Legendary Heroes products, this one taking aim at the most flashy and flamboyant of fighters: Legendary Swashbucklers by the dynamic duo of Alex Augunas and Jason Nelson. This fantastic 44-page supplement brings you a redesigned swashbuckler base class along with archetypes, new class personages to develop a swashbuckler’s background, the dervish darter prestige class, and an array of magnificent magic items dripping with style. You can pick up Legendary Swashbucklers right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG! - Legendary swashbucklers cover

But wait, there’s more! If your tastes for daring and dauntless adventure run closer to a fantastic future than to the glorious past, all you Pathfinder players can check out the Hypercorps 2099 Kickstartera new setting and system for near future dystopian cyberpunk supers action based on the Pathfinder RPG and the mythic rules! You can check out the free 21-page Hypercorps 2099: Pathfinder Primer, complete with new rules for feats, skills, and the dynamic hyper score system, available right here at the Legendary Games webstore as well as the Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG!



Let the Hypercorps playtest begin!

When Legendary Games co-founder Clinton Boomer got together with Mike Myler to develop a new cyberpunk/supers system and setting, we were very interested in where this project might go. Many months later, Mike and company have launched this project as on Kickstarter: HYPERCORPS 2099! 

The project is well on its way to funding after just 2 days, with a raft of great rewards available for a high-adrenaline thrill ride of high-tech near-future adventure against mutants, magic, and corrupt corporations run amok! But if you’d like to check out the Hypercorps setting and system FOR FREE, you can! We are releasing a series of playtest products that you can download to check it out for yourself. You can already download the Hypercorps 2099: 5th Edition Playtest document right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG! Coming soon, you’ll also be able to download the Hypercorps 2099: Pathfinder Primer and not long after the Hypernet and Netjacker Class supplements and the sample adventure, A R.I.P.E. Investment! Grab your copy of the 5th Edition Playtest today and keep your optics jacked into the net to get all the upcoming updates!