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Welcome to the Machine!

As adventurers, there is never enough loot to be found, and at Legendary Games we have created an array of terrific treasuries for all kinds of adventures, from our very first product, the horror-themed Treasury of the Macabre, to the piratical Treasury of the Fleet, the ancient Egyptian Treasury of the Pharaohs, and the woodland wealth of the Treasury of the Kingdom. Next up in this noble endeavor, welcome to…


The Treasury of the Machine brings you an awesome array of technological and technomagical tools to enhance your Pathfinder campaign! Whether your heroes are questing against an entire nation of renegade super-scientists and alien horrors, or you just want to inject a touch of science fiction into your fantasy, the Treasury of the Machine delivers in spades with over 60 technological items of every description, from devastating weapons like the rapture ray, targeting computer, gravity cannon, kinesis grappler, or singularity grenade, to awesome accessories like the learning helmet, targeting computer, slipsuit, and ghosting unit. This book contains items as helpful as the neutralizing safety blanket and solar array and items as sinister as the memory transfer probe and amnesia tick, and range in power from simple disposable items to the artifact robot control harness. You’ll find entirely new categories of cybernetics and pharmaceuticals like biotech and chemosols, weapon accessories, special materials, android modifications, and even a new robotic pet, the walking eye! If it’s majestic mechanical and magical treasures that delight and excite, your PCs will love what they find in the Treasury of the Machine.

Coming tomorrow – a complete list of all the amazing items you’ll find between these pages!


Blast off with a LEGENDARY sale!

When I took over running Legendary Games in 2012, our big relaunch was on July 1st, just in time for PaizoCon that year. To celebrate three years of fantastic success since, as well as the upcoming 4th of July, we are having a huge 40% off (almost) everything saleJust enter the coupon code JULY40TH and you’ll get 40% off every product you order, except our most recent products (those tagged with (NEW) in the product title). This sale is 40% off EVERYTHING else, including not just PDFs but also print books and print/PDF bundles! Grab them now through the 4th of July and save big dollars Legendary-style!

While you’re in a Legendary mood, don’t forget to check out the Legendary Planet Kickstarter, now over 400 pages of interplanetary adventure and cosmic content and counting! One more stretch goal to go on Richard Pett’s Confederates of the Shattered Zone, then on to Steven T. Helt’s The Depths of Desolation!  Enjoy an artistic preview courtesy of Colby Stevenson, our very first artist at Legendary Games and still making magic today!

Thanks to Colby and all of our artists and layout artists for making our products look great, and to all of you for your support in making Legendary Games such a success!