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GenCon 2015 is here, with big savings and big PLAN(E)TS!

The biggest 4 days in gaming is upon us, and this has been a great week for Legendary Games! We have just finished our amazing Legendary Planet Kickstarter, funding over 900% and hitting basically every stretch goal we had. With your help, we’ll be creating a 700+ page epic adventure saga that you and your players will be talking about for a long time, whether you play Pathfinder, 5th Edition, or both! The PDFs of the first adventure, The Assimilation Strain, and the Legendary Planet Player’s Guide have gone out  to backers already, and the first Art and Map Folio will be following shortly after GenCon, and by mid-August the next adventure, To Worlds Unknown, will be following as well! Waiting a year to get your Kickstarter goodies is so 2014!

Take your campaign OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Take your campaign OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Even if you missed the Kickstarter campaign, for the next few weeks you can still hop on board. Email us at with the selection you’d like to get from our Kickstarter and send the corresponding amount via Paypal to the same email address and we’ll add you to our Kickstarter spreadsheet and send you the download links to start going!


However, this week is not just about planets, it’s about PLANTS! That’s right, the latest in the Mythic Monsters collection is upon us, Mythic Monsters 29: Plants! From leaf leshies and assassin vines to zomoks, bodythieves, shambling mounds, and the all-new alien venusi, a psychic powerhouse from a distant green planet! Pick up Mythic Monsters: Plants exclusively at the Legendary Games webstore this week and in wide release starting next Mythic Monday!


But don’t forget, it’s also GenCon, and that means you can come see us in person at Booth #2639, including picking up your Kickstarter rewards for Mythic Mania or Legendary Planet! If you’re celebrating GenCon online, though, we don’t want to leave you out of the fun, so we’ve got savings ALL OVER THE PLACE!


– The Open Gaming Store is running a sci-fi-themed sale, so you’ll find a collection of products following those themes from Legendary Games available at a special sale price! We also have a large number of bundle deals available, including bundles of Mythic Monsters, Islands of Plunder pirate adventures, Gothic Grimoires, and more!


DrivethruRPG is running their annual Christmas in July sale, and almost all of our products (save for the newest ones) are on sale for 25% off!


– At, you can pick up books in PDF and in print at 25% off, with an even bigger discount on all of our older mythic products!


– And, of course, we wouldn’t want you to think we’re not sharing the love right here at home, so use the coupon code GENCON40 and you can save 40% off almost everything in the store, other than our most recent products.


We love and appreciate all that you do to help make Legendary Games a success, whether for special Kickstarter projects or just the everyday work of bringing you awesome gaming products! You truly help make US LEGENDARY! - Mythic Monsters - Plants (cover)


Gygax Day is the best MYTHIC MONDAY – with PLANETS!

We couldn’t let a little thing like the final day of the awesome Legendary Planet Kickstarter (now well over 900% funded just under an hour left to go! – but if you miss the deadline, we generally take late pledges via Paypal for an extra week or three for people who may have missed the project) stand in the way of celebrating the godfather of gaming, Gary Gygax, born this day in 1938. Between Gary and Dave Arneson, they created this whole hobby that we know and love, and much as Gary loved a good bit of fantasy-sci-fi match-up, and it’s no accident that we chose this day to finish our Kickstarter. Give Gary some love and come grab onto an amazing adventure!


But it’s also our old friend, MYTHIC MONDAY, and this week’s Mythic Mini is devoted the sometimes unloved but always fierce half-orcs! Pick up a gaggle of new mythic half-orc feats from the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG! - Mythic Minis 74 Cover


The TYRANTS are here, and we don’t MIND!

As the Legendary Planet Kickstarter rolls into its final weekend, thanks to the sensational Simmy Sims we have now passed the $44,000 mark (including off-Kickstarter direct pledges through Paypal), unlocking the penultimate chapter of the Legendary Planet saga: MIND TYRANTS OF THE MERCILESS MOONS by Tim Hitchcock! This pushes our adventure saga up to 600 pages and counting, with only the final adventure, To Kill a Star, remaining ahead, along with a slew of bonus articles. The next bonus goals are at $46,000, unlocking a bonus bestiary of interplanetary monsters, and a special backer goal at 350 backers, wherein we unlock an amazing artist to do the cover our compilation!

Of course, Legendary Games has already pledged that we will complete the entire adventure saga – that’s right, when you pledge for the entire path, YOU GET THE ENTIRE ADVENTURE PATH, from The Assimilation Strain to To Kill a Star, no ifs, ands, or buts. In the early stages, we estimated completion might take longer if we fell short of funding the complete saga, but we have enough fully funded already that we will have no problem delivering all chapters of the Adventure Path and the full compilation on or before our planned July 2016 delivery date. Legendary Games has delivered on time or early with both of its prior Kickstarters, and we see no reason to stop that streak now!

As a reminder, the prelude adventure The Assimilation Strain and the Legendary Planet Player’s Guide will be available for download immediately after the end of the Kickstarter, and we are looking at a mid-August release for To Worlds Unknown! We are also well along into production on the next two adventures, and we are delighted to debut the cover for Mike Shel’s installment in the saga, The Scavenged Codex! Keep spreading the word and let’s have a fantastic finish to Legendary Planet!

The Scavenged Codex cover



With one week left in LEGENDARY PLANET, it’s time for half-sized heroes on MYTHIC MONDAY!

We are entering the final week of the Legendary Planet Kickstarter, currently sitting at almost $41,000 (nearly 700% funded) and racing towards the finish line! The prelude adventure The Assimilation Strain is ready to go for both Pathfinder and 5th Edition, and we should have To Worlds Unknown ready to go shortly after GenCon (you can even come see us in Booth 2639 and pick up your copy in person!). We are just over $3,000 from unlocking Mind Tyrants of the Merciless Moons, the penultimate adventure in the Legendary Planet saga featuring the terrifying talents of Tim Hitchcock, and fully funding the entire AP is easily within reach. Keep spreading the word across the Pathfinder and 5th Edition communities and let’s see how high this thing can go!

cantina color

Our mythic hardbacks are scheduled to arrive this week and we are excited to be debuting the Mythic Hero’s Handbook, Mythic Monster Manual, and Mythic Spell Compendium at GenCon, and sending out as many copies as we can before we leave for the convention. For those who like their mythic content in bite-sized pieces, however, check out the latest Mythic Mini for heroes that may lack in height but make up for it in heroic chutzpah – grab your copy of Mythic Minis 73: Gnome and Halfling Feats today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG! - Mythic Minis 73 Cover


A double dose in the Depths – TWO Kickstarter goals unlocked!

We want to thank all of our fans for pushing us past 300 backers AND past $40,000 with 8 days left to go on our Legendary Planet Kickstarter! That 300-backer goal unlocked a free PDF player’s guide for ALL of our PDF backers on the Legendary Planet project, penned by Neil Spicer, Alex Augunas, and Will McCardell, while at $40,000 we have unlocked a 10-page planetary gazetteer for the water-world star system featured in Steven T. Helt’s The Depths of Desperation, and we are rapidly approaching 700% funding. You can check out the latest update here on our Kickstarter page.

At $42,000 we will complete the bonus material for Steven’s adventure, including the next chapter in Chris Jackson’s interplanetary fiction saga and unlocking bonus article by guest author Patrick Renie, and then we will be turning our attention to titanic Tim Hitchcock and his entry in the Legendary Planet saga (and my personal favorite title of all of them): Mind Tyrants of the Merciless Moons!

You've gotta admit; those moons look pretty merciless!

You’ve gotta admit; those moons look pretty merciless!

We are also closing in on GenCon 2015, where we will have both Pathfinder and 5th Edition copies of The Assimilation Strain prelude adventure for Legendary Planet, as well as our magnificent Mythic Hero’s Handbook, Mythic Monster Manual, Mythic Spell Compendium, and more adventures and supplements for Pathfinder and 5th Edition! Come by and see us at Booth #2639, even if it’s just to say hi! 


Legendary Planet Soars Into the Depths of Desperation!

The Legendary Planet Adventure Path just added a new adventure! Blasting past the 600% funding mark, we this magnificent sword and planet AP is now at around 500 pages of content and climbing with the recent addition of Steven T. Helt’s aquatic adventure, The Depths of Desperation!  With just under two weeks to go, we wanted to reach out again to all of the Pathfinder and 5th Edition fans out there to help spread the word and get involved in an ambitious and amazing adventure!

Take your campaign OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Take your campaign OUT OF THIS WORLD!

The core concept of Legendary Planet is that it is a “sword and planet” adventure path, the kind of interplanetary fiction best exemplified by Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom novels featuring John Carter, Dejah Thoris, Tars Tarkas, etc., though pulling in elements of other visionary authors from pulp fantasy and sci-fi from Jack Vance to Flash Gordon to Heavy Metal magazine. At its heart, this is still a fantasy story, through playing with many of the tropes of sci-fi. Technology exists alongside magic, and high-tech is similar in rarity to permanent magic items, but the focus is on the exotic planets themselves. There are no starships or hyperdrive, and you’ll be packing your sword alongside your needler pistol or blaster as you ride your alien steed in search of a stargate that might take you to a distant system.

We have an impressive lineup of contributors on this project, all of them veteran adventure-writers as well as a team of experts in both 5th Edition and Pathfinder who are working to make sure that the play experience is equally dynamic in either system.

We think this AP offers a great opportunity to open up the possibilities of 5th Edition to new styles of adventure beyond traditional fantasy, while still embracing the roots of the game. D&D has a long history of crossover with sci-fi and technology, all the way back to 1st Edition and even before it with Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor setting, and we think this is going to be a fantastic addition to the newest edition of the game. We have an experienced team that has a history of delivering Kickstarters on time (or early) with awesome content, so you can be confident that we will do the same here!

One more thing: This isn’t a Kickstarter where you’ll be waiting a year to get your rewards. We will have the prelude adventure ready to download IMMEDIATELY when the Kickstarter ends, and the softcover print version as well. In fact, if you are coming to GenCon you can also come to Booth 2639 to pick up the prelude adventure in person!

We are hard at work hammering out the first full adventure as well, and if everything breaks right we may have it ready in time for the end of the Kickstarter on July 27th, but more likely it will be available in August after GenCon.

We hope you take a good look at Legendary Planet and climb aboard for a ride that we guarantee will be out of this world.

4-armed alien - Tanyaporn

The adventures of the Legendary Planet Adventure Path are described below:

Already funded:

The Assimilation Strain by Tom Phillips and Neil Spicer – a prelude adventure to introduce 1st-level characters on any fantasy world to a broader universe of insidious alien invaders.

To Worlds Unknown by Jim Groves – An adventure for 2nd to 5th level characters, featuring a breakout from an interplanetary prison and the exploration of a crime-infested hub world that could provide a gateway home, or draw the heroes deeper into a web of alien conspiracies and cryptic alliances.

The Scavenged Codex by Mike Shel – An adventure for 5th to 8th level characters across a post-apocalyptic desert planet in search of the forgotten lore of near-mythical creator races, now jealously guarded by corrupt cultists of the wastes.

Dead Vault Descent by Matt Goodall – An adventure for 8th to 11th level characters venturing forth to the blasted surface of a tidally locked world, half scorched by eternal sunshine and half frozen by endless darkness. The heroes must brave the primitive swamps of the habitable zone and penetrate the vast catacombs beneath in search of the keepers of hope to unlocking the mysteries of the ancients.

Confederates of the Shattered Zone by Richard Pett – An adventure for 11th to 14th level characters exploring the post-industrial ruins of an asteroid field, all that remains of a devastated world once held by the descendants of the creator races but bombarded into destruction. Can they recover the tools they need to form a resistance against a rising tide of evil?

Each of the above adventures (other than the prequel) contains not only a full-scale adventure of approximately 64 pages, but also an additional 32 pages of bonus material, including bestiaries of brand-new monsters, planetary gazetteers, and bonus articles detailing races, religion, equipment, character options, and more by guest authors like Sean K Reynolds and the Sasquatch Game Studio of Rich Baker, David Noonan, and Stephen Schubert, as well as an ongoing fiction series by award-winning author Chris A. Jackson.

Just unlocked today, we have now added…

The Depths of Desperation by Steven T. Helt – An adventure for 14th to 17th level characters who must confront an invasion that has already begun as the heroes venture into a watery world inundated by a sinister race of aquatic conquerors. What will they find left behind, and can they halt the aliens’ unstoppable advance?

The full adventure has been unlocked, and every $2000 we’ll be adding an additional bonus article, including another guest author in veteran designer Patrick Renie at $42,000… and just wait until you see who’s coming at $50,000!


Only two adventures remain to be unlocked over the course of the final two weeks of our Kickstarter campaign:

Mind Tyrants of the Merciless Moons by Tim Hitchcock – An adventure for 17th to 19th level characters set among the wandering moons of a gas giant seeded with psionic lifeforms, as the heroes plumb the depths of the mind in search of weapons to turn back the forces of evil.

To Kill a Star by Jason Nelson – An adventure for 19th to 20th level characters that takes characters to a massive Dyson sphere constructed around a waning star to confront the cabal of alien zealots trying to bring the universe to utter submission… or total annihilation.

To Worlds Unknown - elevator encounter


It’s MYTHIC MONDAY, a time for elves… and STRETCH GOALS!

This week brings you Mythic Minis 72: Elf Feats, with 14 fabulous feats for mythic elves and half-elves! Now available at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG!

Mythic Minis 72 - Elf Feats (cover)

But wait, that’s not all!

As we stand on the cusp of unlocking our next adventure for the Legendary Planet Adventure Path, author Steve Helt wants to talk to YOU about the Depths of Desperation! If you head over to our Legendary Planet Facebook event, you can ask him a question about the adventure and every day he’ll answer!

With now exactly two weeks left in our Kickstarter project, we wanted to fan the flames a bit by revealing some of the awesome stretch goals we have coming for you! Some are based on dollars, of course, but some are based on the total number of backers, regardless of total dollars. Without further ado, let us begin with today’s new goal:

300 backers: We are creating a Legendary Planet Player’s Guide! With information on character classes and races in the Legendary Worlds setting, as well as insights on religion and equipment, this resource will be invaluable with your players. Written by the Legendary team of Neil Spicer, Alex Augunas, and Will McCardell, the Player’s Guide will be going on sale when it’s ready, but if we hit 300 backers then all Kickstarter backers $15 and above get thePlayer’s Guide FREE!

Tomorrow, we’ll start talking about some of the special guest authors we have lined up for our bonus articles in the AP. We’ve already got Sean K Reynolds, Erik Mona, Chris A. Jackson,and the Sasquatch Design Studio of Rich Baker, Dave Noonan, and Stephen Schubert on the project, but we’ve got even more terrific folks on tap ready to bring the awesome to Legendary Planet! Continue to spread the word and let’s get this project climbing towards a fantastic finish!

Speaking of finished, by the way, we are also delighted to report that the final tweaks are being made to the layout in The Assimilation Strain prequel, and we’ll be sending it off to print today so we’ll have it in time for GenCon at booth 2639!

Finally, I just wanted to share a magnificent bit of artwork from our dear friend Michal Matczak,depicting one of the most harrowing encounters you’re likely to face in the desperate breakout that begins To Worlds Unknown!

To Worlds Unknown - elevator encounter


A Fantastic Friday – Machines, Towers, and Planets, OH MY!

Things are moving fast here at Castle Legendary, so hop on board and see all the amazing stuff going on! Good things come in threes, so let’s go!

1.  We are delighted to announce the release of Treasury of the Machine, our latest book of fantastic treasures, this time for the sci-fi/fantasy themed Metal Gods Adventure Path! This book is jam-packed with over 60 techno-magical treats for your PCs (or their enemies), delightfully illustrated and fully compatible with the official guide to technology for Pathfinder! Pick up your copy today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoor DrivethruRPG! 


2. We’ve been working with the Sasquatch Game Studio over the last year or two, cooperating on their Primeval Thule Campaign Setting, and as part of their Kickstarter I created an adventure set in the icy northern seas of Thule and venturing into the frozen wastes to uncover the riches of a legendary wizard. That adventure, The Lost Tower of Viondor, is available now, for both the Pathfinder RPG and for 13th Age, and you can get it for just 3.99 at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG!


3.  The Legendary Planet Adventure Path continues smashing through stretch goals! We already blew through the final section of Richard Pett’s Confederates of the Shattered Zone last night, and as we sit today we are just over $600 away from funding Steven T. Helt’s Depths of Desperation and pushing this project to 500 pages and beyond! We are delighted and excited with the progress of this project, and we have about 2-1/2 weeks left to go and plenty more surprises coming soon. Check out the latest updates on our Kickstarter page and hop on board with the legendary designers of the Sasquatch Game Studio, whom we are pleased to announce are joining forces with the Legendary team in creating background and bonus material for this adventure saga and campaign setting; when you’re working with guys like Rich Baker, Dave Noonan, and Stephen Schubert, you know it’s gonna be good. Even if you only back for the prelude and first adventure, you’ll be helping us reach some terrific backer goals, and your players will be very happy if you can guide them to 300 backers and beyond!

Take your campaign OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Take your campaign OUT OF THIS WORLD!


Legendary Planet at Paizo, and more machines for you!

Check out the latest Paizo blog for today, highlighting the Legendary Planet Kickstarter as well as the Aventyr Bestiary from our friends at Adventure-a-Week and Wardens of the Wild from TPK Games, with whom we’re sharing GenCon booth #2639 along with Kobold Press! We are delighted to be in such great company with some terrific product and projects. It’s a great time to be part of the Pathfinder community, with Paizo showing such great support for the companies in the community!


We are also looking forward to tomorrow’s release of the Treasury of the Machine, a jam-packed product full of mechanical marvels for every sci-fi/fantasy crossover campaign. We previewed the cover last week and today we’re going to drop the table of contents so you can see what technomagical terrors await you!

Item Name    –   Price

chemosol: artificial pheromone  –  varies

learning helmet – varies

chemosol: irritant              –         50 gp

chemosol: stimsensitizer – 130 gp

chemosol: neural disruptor    –      200 gp

recoil compensator, mark I   –      200 gp

thermal bag     –  200 gp

nanite tissue gauze       –  300 gp

neutralizing safety blanket         –  300 gp

recoil compensator, mark II     –   300 gp

thermal salts     – 300 gp

optical lock      –  375 gp

recoil compensator, mark III  –     500 gp

scope, mark I  –  500 gp

scope, mark II  – 700 gp

chemo-oxidizer reactor capsule –  750 gp

chemosol: artificial hormone     –  750 gp

tangler grenade – 750 gp

recoil compensator, mark IV  –     800 gp

zero-G grenade – 950 gp

solar array      –  1,000 gp

recoil compensator, mark V    –     1,200 gp

scope, mark III – 1,200 gp

chemosol: neural exciter           –  1,500 gp

targeting computer, mark I    –     1,500 gp

witch-thorn tangler grenade –       1,500 gp

vacusealer       –  1,580 gp

optic enhancement, mark I   –       2,000 gp

scope, mark IV  – 3,000 gp

amnesia tick     – 3,300 gp

optic enhancement, mark II  –      4,000 gp

dermal photosynthesis   – 4,500 gp

singularity grenade        – 4,500 gp

targeting computer, mark II  –      4,750 gp

gravity belt       – 6,000 gp

optic enhancement, mark III   –    6,000 gp

scope, mark V   – 6,500 gp

kinesis grappler – 7,500 gp

adrenal enhancement, mark I –     8,000 gp

heavy pistol     –  8,000 gp

micrograppler  –  8,750 gp

polytool           –  8,750 gp

shotgun, automatic   –      10,000 gp

targeting computer, mark III  –     10,000 gp

beam saber      – 12,750 gp

discipline chip  –  15,000 gp

rapture chip      – 15,000 gp

sniper rifle       –  16,000 gp

targeting computer, mark IV  –     16,500 gp

screamer pistol  – 18,000 gp

detector globe   – 20,000 gp

circuit tracer-cloner  –      24,000 gp

targeting computer, mark V       –  25,750 gp

discipline rod    – 30,000 gp

rapture ray      –  30,000 gp

adrenal enhancement, mark II –   32,000 gp

slipsuit             – 32,000 gp

living lightning gun       –  40,000 gp

memory transfer probe  – 49,500 gp

ghosting unit     – 55,000 gp

adrenal enhancement, mark III –  72,000 gp

gravity cannon  – 180,000 gp

robot control harness      ─ (minor artifact)

Treasury of Machine - guns



Welcome to the Machine!

As adventurers, there is never enough loot to be found, and at Legendary Games we have created an array of terrific treasuries for all kinds of adventures, from our very first product, the horror-themed Treasury of the Macabre, to the piratical Treasury of the Fleet, the ancient Egyptian Treasury of the Pharaohs, and the woodland wealth of the Treasury of the Kingdom. Next up in this noble endeavor, welcome to…


The Treasury of the Machine brings you an awesome array of technological and technomagical tools to enhance your Pathfinder campaign! Whether your heroes are questing against an entire nation of renegade super-scientists and alien horrors, or you just want to inject a touch of science fiction into your fantasy, the Treasury of the Machine delivers in spades with over 60 technological items of every description, from devastating weapons like the rapture ray, targeting computer, gravity cannon, kinesis grappler, or singularity grenade, to awesome accessories like the learning helmet, targeting computer, slipsuit, and ghosting unit. This book contains items as helpful as the neutralizing safety blanket and solar array and items as sinister as the memory transfer probe and amnesia tick, and range in power from simple disposable items to the artifact robot control harness. You’ll find entirely new categories of cybernetics and pharmaceuticals like biotech and chemosols, weapon accessories, special materials, android modifications, and even a new robotic pet, the walking eye! If it’s majestic mechanical and magical treasures that delight and excite, your PCs will love what they find in the Treasury of the Machine.

Coming tomorrow – a complete list of all the amazing items you’ll find between these pages!