Daily Archives: June 19, 2015

Legendary Planet adds a new out-of-this-world story!

Thanks to the lovely and talented Greg Iaboni, we have cracked the $26,000 mark and yet another stretch goal, adding bonus material to Dead Vault Descent to bring it up to a full 96 pages of Matt Goodall-ey goodness! Next up, we turn our focus to adding a new Pett to the family, with the marvelous Richard Pett bringing us his installment of post-industrial adventure amid the asteroids, in Confederates of the Shattered Zone, dangling tantalizingly within reach!

Having just funded another set of bonus articles, I must share that we have had several inquiries about exactly what these bonus articles might be. I mean, sure, a bestiary and a planetary gazetteer, those are pretty straightforward, but what else can you expect? I’m glad you asked, because it’s time to reveal just ONE of the amazing additions to the Legendary crew.

Building our setting through the use of adventures is just one part of creating a setting, a mood, and style for fantastic adventure. Certainly inventive mechanics and options tailored to the setting are part of the puzzle. Amazing art is as well, of course, as the right picture can be worth a thousand words or more. However, another way to develop the mood and feel of LEGENDARY PLANET is through fantastic fiction, and we have chosen award-winning author Chris A. Jackson to create a seven-part series set in the Legendary Planet universe! We are excited and delighted to have Chris on board, and we think his tales of planetary adventure and intrigue will really help establish the feel of what this new universe is all about!

How about a celebratory art preview featuring a portrait of the author!

Not actually Chris Jackson, but it might be an elali!