Daily Archives: May 21, 2015

The GOBLIN SALE has begun! SAVE us!!!

THE GOBLINS ARE HERE!!! They heard PaizoCon was starting and they just wouldn’t wait! Now we have to sell these PDFs and books now Now NOW so the goblins don’t burn them all!  Enter the code GOBLINPDF to save 40% off almost all PDFs, or GOBLINPRINT to save 25% off almost all print products! A few products are new and shiny enough to keep the goblins away, so products marked NEW are not included, but those no-good goblins are about to feast upon our wordy wordiness unless we get rid of all this stuff. We won’t be safe putting our prices back to normal until next Wednesday, when the last stragglers from PaizoCon have headed home. Won’t you please help us?


You may think these are just regular goblins, but they’re not! It’s not supposed to be MYTHIC MONDAY – it’s not even Monday at all – but the Mythic Goblins wouldn’t listen!!! They just keep singing and burning, only you can save us and all the precious words! Give them a new home before mythic goblins attack! If you really want to mess with the gobbos, buy their new Mythic Mini: Goblin Feats right here at the Legendary Games webstore; they’ll never know what hit ’em!

Mythic Minis 67 - Goblin Feats cover