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AVAST! More 5-star reviews for Legendary Games! The sea holds many wonders!

The inimitable Endzeitgeist has posted up his thoughts on Mythic Monsters X: Sea Monsters on his review site, and it looks like this is his favorite yet in the series! One of his favorite monsters was the brand-new Jorganth, inspired by a magnificent piece of art I received from Frank Hessefort for another product entirely but that I just had to find a way to make into a monster of its own.

At CR 8/MR 3, the new creature herein is the Jorganth. Oh boy – first of all – the one-page artwork of this beast is one of the finest artworks I’ve seen in ages – a vast, eel-like, tentacle studded deep-sea predator aberration from the oceans of the lands of the fey. Electrical fields, capability to emit deadly beams, reflexive attacks and the ability to create will-o’-the-deep servants and feed on fear – this creature is glorious in its statblocks and the superb full-blown write-up superbly supplements one of the best creatures I’ve seen in quite a while, even within the exalted ranks of the new creatures Legendary Games provides for the Mythic Monster series. The full-blown fluff that accompanies it makes it oh so much more awesome and I stand by the claim that Paizo’s bestiaries would be so much more awesome if they all featured proper full-blown write-ups like this one does. This beast made me come up with 3 adventures while reading its entry – without trying in any way. That good.

Strange things lurk below the waves...

Strange things lurk below the waves…

As for the book as a whole, here was his summary:

Jason Nelson and Alistair Rigg have surpassed themselves herein – the creatures are so cool, so iconic, I don’t ever want to use their non-mythic equivalents ever again. Ever since the advent of Mythic Adventures, I’ve used the rules to make bosses more challenging in my game (they tend to get killed in 2 rounds or less otherwise…) and these beings just blow my mind. The unique, cool abilities this pdf offers for so many creatures just can be considered glorious, even before the new creature, which is just the icing on the awesome cake. This installment, in spite of the lack of bookmarks, is so far the apex of the series for me and is well-worth 5 stars + seal of approval and should be considered a must-buy for anyone running aquatic adventures – this pdf is worth the asking price for ability-scavenging alone. That good. Get it.

You can read his full review at his site, as well as on Paizo, d20pfsrd.com, and DrivethruRPG!


In addition, every one of Matt Goodall’s Islands of Plunder series have garnered 5-star reviews on the Paizo messageboards, most recently Raid on the Emperor’s Hand! Weslocke states:

I ran this adventure for my gaming group this Sunday. They loved it. They enjoyed the surprise nature of the introduction, the quick paced plot, the boarding action, the capable and dangerous enemies, and the fact that they could tackle the situation in whatever manner that they could conceive. Matt Goodall and the rest of the Legendary Games Team have once again produced an outstanding piece of work and my players and I could not be more pleased.

If you have not tried Legendary Games Adventure Path Plug-Ins then you seriously ought to. I, personally, have run more than a half-dozen of them now and they all bring something unique to the table as well as serve to expand and complement the Adventure Paths in a seamless and synergistic fashion. Simply put, if you are running the AP’s without these plug-ins then you are missing out. They are that much fun.

Islands of Plunder: Raid on the Emperor’s Hand xis a pirate-themed adventure for 8th-level characters, and in addition to the Legendary Games webstore it is also available from shop.d20pfsrd, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG!

As always, we offer our thanks to everyone who takes the time to post a review of one of our products! Thanks so much guys, glad you enjoyed, and thanks for spreading the good word about Legendary Games!