Daily Archives: March 24, 2014

It’s MYTHIC MONDAY! But no Kickstarter yet – FOUL TREACHERY!

I suppose it is appropriate that this week’s Mythic Mini is FEATS OF TREACHERY, but rest assured it is no treason that is slightly delaying the intended launch of our Kickstarter. We decided to revise our pledge structure, which was too confusing the way we had originally set it up, and also to incorporate a lot more special pledge levels. That takes time and we want to do it right so when it’s ready to launch it will be ready to blow you away. Nobody remembers when the last rocket launched, but everyone remembers the one that crashed after take-off.


We should be ready to launch by the middle of this week, and you can stay tuned to our site for ongoing updates of progress. In the meanwhile, we hope you enjoy Mythic Minis 15: Feats of Treachery, available from our fine friends at d20pfsrd, Paizo, and DrivethruRPG!

Mythic Mini - Feats of Treachery(cover)-1