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Another 5-star review for Legendary Games: BOREAL BESTIARY

Another ringing endorsement from the Runelord of Reviews, Endzeitgeist, for the second of our Beasts of Legend products, the Boreal Bestiary! Endy gives a rundown of all of the creatures and templates in this book, from artwork to design to lore and inspiration. His overall impression:


Jason Nelson, Tim Hitchcock and Matt Goodall have crafted an array of exceedingly awesome all-killer, no-filler monsters herein – oozing a sense of antiquity, folklore-flair and combining that with signature abilities galore, each being in this book is just a glorious monster that mops the floor with the majority of creatures out there – if Paizo released a full bestiary of creatures of this quality, everyone would be screaming about the best bestiary ever – it’s that good. With a lot of space devoted to each creature, lore, stellar artworks, player-friendly artwork-handouts (“THIS attacks you!”) and sheer imaginative potential, these beings have the space required for them to shine. And yes, you may know some of these beings from e.g. the excellent “Cold Mountain”-adventure, but believe me – this bestiary is well-worth every cent of the asking-price, making for one of the best mini-bestiaries ever released for any d20-based system -Period. Final verdict? Unsurprising 5 stars + seal of approval – Legendary Games once again lives up to the premise of the company name – legendary indeed!


You can read his review in full on his own review site as well as on DrivethruRPG and Paizo.com! Thanks to Endy and to everyone who takes the time to write a review for Legendary Games, or for any 3rd party publisher. We greatly appreciate the positive word of mouth and the help you give to folks out there wondering whether they should spend their hard-earned cash on products that aren’t “official”; a great review is a great help, and here at Legendary Games we offer you our thanks!

Boreal Bestiary cover