Daily Archives: July 30, 2013

The covers for Ultimate Battle and Ultimate War will blow your mind

Tim Kings-Lynne, the artist that has brought you the artwork on some fabulous favorites from Legendary Games’ past like Under Frozen Stars and Beyond the Void, has outdone himself and then some with the work he’s done on these two mass combat supplements. I’ve had the Ultimate Battle cover for a while, and it will blow your doors clean off, but for Ultimate War it’s like some kind of contest having with us as far as which piece will win the bare-knuckles, no-holds-barred awesomeness showdown for the cover on a product that deals with all manner of unconventional warfare, where the battle is not just about two armies facing off on the field and bashing each other senseless.


As the Ultimate Battle looms on the horizon for release THIS WEEK, we just want to give you a little foretaste of the companion product that’s coming in September. You can use either one by itself, but both together will be AMAZING. How amazing? Think about it this way. This is one piece of art that ISN’T going to be the cover illustration. And it is AWESOME.

FIRE, ye black-hearted bilge rats!

FIRE, ye black-hearted bilge rats!