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Welcome to Advance Ordering, Population: YOU

Would you like to get your copy of the new Mad Doctor’s Formulary up to a week before the great unwashed masses? Of course you would! Your inner mad scientist yearns to know the secrets of Installing Kill-Switches, Implanting Limbic Reservoirs, and Stimulating the Adrenal Cortex! From simple surgery to lobotomy, creating false personalities to grafting flesh, this product has more malevolent malpractice than the bastard love-child of Drs. Moreau and Frankenstein! And I haven’t even mentioned the terrifyingly tiny cyberphrenic tadpole or the helpfully harmful cranial dissectibot!

As a faithful follower of our website and our Facebook presence, we’d like to reward you with the chance to get in on The Mad Doctor’s Formulary before it hits the streets next week for wide distribution. All you need is a Paypal account and you can email your advance order to makeyourgamelegendary@gmail.com. We are currently working towards setup of our own online store, but in the meanwhile email orders and payments via Paypal are the only way to buy direct from Legendary Games. Credit or debit card purchases can be made starting next week through our existing retail partners, like the fine folks at d20pfsrd.com!

The Mad Doctor’s Formulary retails for $4.99 plus 9.5% Washington state sales tax ($5.46 total).

Thanks for supporting Legendary Games. We look forward to exceeding your expectations every time out!


The Hits Just Keep On Coming

Legendary Games continues to amass the five-star reviews with every new product we release. Check out Eric Hinkle’s review of To Serve a Prince Undying, which he describes thusly:

This grimoire is a bit odd even by the highly inventive standards of the series, being basically a ‘how-to’ for would-be tyrants and people who want to create their very own secret police… It’s a great PDF, with no errors or typos that I saw, and the book is delightfully nasty. Really, this would be a great book for someone playing a Way of the Wicked campaign. It does list information from a number of sources but the PDF proper has links embedded to all of the non-core rulebook information, which is vastly appreciated.

Or check out Thilo/Endzeitgeist’s review for On the Inverse Calculus of Unseen Refraction, which he calls:

Legendary Games continue their trend of high-class, premium-content, stellar supplements and continue to provide brilliant grimoires as per their innovative concept as originally outlined in their “Tomes of Ancient Knowledge” and “Meditations of the Imperial Mystics”-pdfs. After bards got their due in “Necrotic Verses”, alchemists now get a supplement that ranks, even if you just mine the content sans the grimoire (but why would you?) among the best supplements ever released for the alchemist, dripping flair, style and tactical options. Before I’m starting to sound like a broken record of heaping praises and superlatives, I’ll conclude this review with the words that this grimoire is worth every cent of the very fair asking-price and thus clocks in at 5 stars + seal of approval.

Our thanks to everyone that takes the time to review our products. We hope we continue to not only meet but exceed your expectations every time out.