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2013 Previews #19: Cultic Cryptomancia

Today saw the release of our fourth Gothic Grimoire: Spellbones of the Devourer, which like its predecessor The Sepulchral Swaths of Tanoth-Gha dealt with the secret and terrible mysteries of an ancient cult. In the course of developing the Spellbones, I found myself just keep writing and writing, until the Spellbones had outgrown the original idea and become a larger piece about all kinds of stuff to do with secret cults. It got to the point where I sliced the Spellbones back off into its own product, as I had the perfect art piece for it (which, as good art does, really inspired me in some of the particulars of what the product would be), and started developing the cult product separately. It’s funny sometimes the process you go through in building a product, where you take pieces from here and there and assemble and reassemble them in different ways until you find the right combinations to make each piece really sing. From that evolutionary process has grown the two Grimoires already produced, and now coming soon for your delectation and delightment, the Cultic Cryptomancia.

There will be spells in this product, to be sure. from foster hatred to inscrutable grimoire, torch-wielding mob to orgiastic rite! But beyond ordinary magic, this product also deals with what cults do best: ritual sacrifice! Why is it that cults are always kidnapping people for their twisted rituals? What do they get out of it? With feats like Heart Ripper and Sacrificial Summons, you’ll find out (though you may decide you really didn’t want to know)! In addition, this product expands numerous rules options, including a number of class archetypes like the Apostate and Sublime, and a new oracular mystery specially designed to fulfill every terrifying cultic trope you could imagine. Besides new stuff, there is also advice on using existing rules to create memorable and menacing cultic campaigns.

With art from Colby Stevenson and Tim Kings-Lynne, the Cultic Cryptomancia is coming to get YOU! Pleasant dreams…