Daily Archives: February 5, 2013

2013 Preview #7: Road to Destiny

What, you didn’t think that just because we started releasing these new products meant we were going to stop previewing EVEN MORE new stuff, did you?

From the mind of Jim Groves, one of our newest Legendary authors, and the artistic stylings of Jason Juta, we bring you another Far East AP Plug-In adventure, Road to Destiny! While ideally suited for everyone’s favorite Far East AP, this adventure is easily portable to any campaign where lower-level adventurers are seeking to build their reputation and fortunes while exploring a bit of the wider world around them. Road to Destiny unfolds for you a harrowing caravan journey through dangerous coastal hills and marshes, hoping to evade sadistic ogres, psychotic goblins, and worst of all the attentions of a notorious bandit who just won’t stay dead. Whoever said caravan guard duty was boring never had a night like this…

Goblins say, "Nice to EAT you!"