2013 Previews #8: Road to Destiny

Yesterday’s preview of the upcoming Road to Destiny alluded to a mysterious bandit that just refused to die. Legend has it that perhaps he is immortal, one of a set of twins that were inheritors of a tainted undead legacy. His sibling, lacking the gift of agelessness that he possessed, grew haggard and bitter in the Viking lands, eventually tearing out one of his eyes and replacing it with a magical stone in the hope of staving off the passing of years. Old One-Eye blended in with his Viking clansfolk, however, while his ageless brother was marked accursed by his blue-eyed albinism. Cast out, he abandoned his own name and recast himself as Ranulfr the White, the plundering white wolf, notorious as a bandit and kidnapper, often selling his captives in secret to his brother in the Viking lands, though he has been little seen in recent years. Unbeknownst to even Ranulfr himself, he is drawn towards the PCs’ caravan by a cargo they carry… a human cargo… one that obsessed his undead father even beyond the grave and now drives Ranulfr to the hunt for an heir to a line once though broken forever.


Pretty fly for a white guy!

Sometimes you find your destiny. Sometimes your destiny finds you. It’s almost time to meet your fate on the Road to Destiny.


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