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Happy Halloween, part 3 – the third time’s the charm!

Just because we love our fans at Legendary Games, we proudly present to you our very first FREE product – a beautiful 44-page illustrated booklet entitled Gothic Visions, featuring the art from half a dozen of our Gothic Adventure Path Plug-Ins. Amazing illustrations by Jason Juta, Hugo Solis, and Colby Stevenson, plus cartography by Rob Lazzaretti, as well as a foreword by our founder, Clark Peterson, which I will repeat here:

An Old School Halloween Present

So Halloween was coming around and the guys at Legendary Games wanted to do a little something for the fans.

Everybody knows I’m old school. Like, First Edition old school. Heck, it’s in the slogan of my original company, Necromancer Games: “Third Edition Rules, First Edition Feel.” I love it. There is just something great about classic gaming. For me it’s not just nostalgia, it’s a connection to the roots of the game we all love. And I really like mixing old school with a modern twist.

I wanted to go grognard with our little present. But what to do? So I got to thinking and I also got to talking with Jason and Neil and the other Legendary Games guys and I had an idea. I realized something I loved from the old days had been missing for a long time: the art booklets from the classic modules. You know the ones—the amazing Trampier art from Tomb of Horrors, from Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan, Ghost Tower of Inverness and Expedition to the Barrier Peaks. Those were formative modules for me, and a key part was the art booklets. Those have pretty much disappeared in our modern game. I wanted to find a way to bring them back, or atleast bring back a modern version of them. If you don’t know about this stuff, do yourself a favor and go get a dose of the history of our game from The Acaeum (www.acaeum.com).

This was my solution. An old school inspired present to you, the Legendary Games fans. This booklet is an updated, modern spin on the old art booklets you used to find in the classic modules. Except we are giving it away for free for Halloween!

Please accept this gift from us in the “spirit” it was intended—and given that the content is from all our Gothic Adventure Path line, I do mean spirit. As in evil spirit with a save or die attack. Now that’s old school. Will saves, everyone!

Happy Halloween!

Clark Peterson

Download your copy today at http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/107643/Gothic-Visions or on Paizo’s webstore.


Happy Halloween, part 2

We will be running previews on the just-announced The Necrotic Verses and Other Tales, but in case you are wondering exactly what this product will be, it is a follow-up to our fan-favorite Tomes of Arcane Knowledge, and will include a number of new creepological codices — not just spellbooks in the traditional sense, but all manner of strange tomes that plumb the depraved depths of matters magical and mundane — for your edification and enjoyment. Just as a foretaste, consider this an appetizer:

Sepulchral Swaths of Tanoth-Gha: Mythos Tome

This rare collection of necromantic rituals was first inscribed by the ancient Pharaonic peoples as a corrupted version of their complex mortuary rites, involving a several-month process of sequential embalming and enrobing of the honored dead in linen bands while spells of blessing and balance were pronounced to ensure a secure and sublime transit to the afterlife. The Sepulchral Swaths inverted that ancient practice, using the same rites instead to bind both body and soul into the temporal world, their spiritual energies fueling the hateful sorcery of the malevolent cultists of Tanoth-Gha. Named for an eldritch horror from the primitive prehistory of the Pharaonic lands, the forerunners of the cult were simple desert wanderers sheltering within an ancient cyclopean ruin at the desert’s heart when a rain of falling stars streaked from above. Something about this event awakened the elder thing that slumbered below the ruin, and at his appearing these unfortunates were entombed within their own bodies as their flesh withered in Tanoth-Gha’s presence into leathery desiccation even as their minds perceived with a horrific acuity the wrongness of what they had beheld. These living mummies were discovered by other desert wanderers, still terribly alive and unable to die. The whispered ravings of their unhinged minds proved infectious in their madness, and the wanderers began to worship them as living idols of a forgotten god, transcribing their anguished mutterings and inscribing them on the tattered parchment of the idols’ own skin.

What waits within these pages? Secrets man was not meant to know…