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High praise for the Construct Codex

Another glowing review for Legendary Games, this for the Construct Codex. You can read the full review at http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_reviews_info.php?&reviews_id=81397&products_id=104874, but the reviewer has great things to say about the look of the product:

“As with all offerings by Legendary Games, this pdf’s layout is in full-color and stunning, gorgeous, drop-dead beautiful to behold. And the artworks. Oh boy, the artworks. Colby Stevenson and Jason Juta have created pieces herein that are gorgeous, could feature in an official Paizo-product and in fact may even surpass several artworks from APs. The artworks are all so iconic, cool and evocative that they make you immediately want to use these things.

That last sentence is the key to great fantasy art; it really makes you want to dive in and make it a part of your world. Beyond form and appearance, however, he was also expansive in praise for the raw content the book contains:

“Better yet, the crunch of all the creatures herein is up to the very highest demands – each creature herein comes with multiple, deadly, evocative, cool abilities and honestly, it is very rare I can voice no gripes. None. I have nothing to complain. Not even about the Gargoyle-variants. This pdf sets the bar higher for the whole class of monster-pdfs. Presentation, fluff, crunch – everything herein is TripleA+ in execution, presentation and quality. This is the best 3pp-monster-pdf in the small files-category released for PFRPG so far and redefines what one can expect from the whole genre of monster-books by 3pps. I am not only bereft of any points of criticism, even arbitrarily nitpicking at the page-count or something like that is simply not an option here. I can’t for the love of my life find anything about this book that would deserve anything but glowing praise. This is one of the rare pdfs that I’d rate 6 stars, if I could. I can’t, though and thus my final verdict will be 5 stars + endzeitgeist seal of approval: Even if you don’t run Carrion Crown – get this. It’s so rare I get blown away by any release anymore and this pdf really did it – so: Buy it and let’s hope for a sequel.”

Many thanks to everyone who reviews our products, and we hope you will check out the Construct Codex and all of our other offerings to help Make Your Game Legendary!