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Treasury of the Macabre–art preview

Colby Stevenson has just been knocking the art out of the park for us. Check out a few images from our upcoming  Treasury of the Macabre!

What’s with those strange handcuffs? And could that be an elder sign?


You can check more of Colby’s stuff out at his site: You’ll be seeing more of him with Legendary Games!

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Character Sketch by Hugo Solis–Agrimar Vaskel

Take a peek at this sketch for the pregen PC I just posted. Its from Hugo Solis, whose art from the Book of Drakes is just so amazing I had to get him involved with Legendary Games!


For more cool stuff by Hugo, check out his stuff at deviantart:

And check out his most recent work in The Book of Drakes:

Hugo is doing all the character art for our upcoming Pregens product, of which this is a sample.


Copyright 2011 Hugo Solis and Legendary Games

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Character preview–Agrimar Vaskel


Male half-orc paladin of the Goddess of Valor (undead scourge) 1

LG Medium humanoid (human, orc)

[sorry no preview of the Legendary stat block, you’ll have to get the product for that]

Background: The birth of Agrimar Vaskel (AG-ruh-MAHR VAZZ-kuhl) came as the product of his mother’s abduction by a depraved orc necromancer. Unfortunately, he never got to know her as she died during childbirth and his orc father reanimated her body as yet another zombie servant. Agrimar’s life proved exceptionally harsh among the orcs, instilling him with both a fear and hatred of his cruel kin—as well as the undead commanded by his father. Fortunately, on his fourteenth birthday, Agrimar’s older “sister” Ysabot, found and freed him. Together, they took revenge on their mother’s captors, slaying every member of the orc tribe and all his father’s undead servants.

Since that time, Agrimar has devoted himself to the worship of his goddess, operating as her willing paladin—a calling which he sought at the direction of the Professor. He came to know and trust the Professor through Ysabot, appreciative of the assistance he provided his “sister” in tracking down their mother’s abductor. Agrimar feels he owes his life to Ysabot and the Professor, fully aware things could have turned out much differently for him if not for their actions. He does anything to protect Ysabot as if she were his true sister. He has no idea of her changeling ancestry and assumes they shared the same mother.

Note: For maximum roleplaying impact, if there is another human PC in the group (and no one plays Ysabot), that person, with their consent, should be chosen as Agrimar’s half-brother or -sister instead.

Physical Description: Agrimar stands an imposing 6-feet, 10-inches tall with long dark hair and an impressive, muscular build. He lacks the protruding lower canines of many of his kind and, on first glance, the cast of his skin is much more olive than green. The fact that Agrimar almost always wears his favored armor also permits him to pass as human in most instances. His yellow-tinted, orcish eyes and their burning intensity, however, sometimes give away his monstrous heritage, particularly when angry.

Personality: Though Agrimar struggles at times with the inner demons of his orc lineage, he uses his devotion to the principles of his faith to keep his more brutal instincts at bay. Inwardly, he feels ashamed of his orc blood, having endured enough racial prejudice in his fog-shrouded homeland to encourage him to hide behind his armor, helm, or hooded cloak—and having seen enough real orc atrocities to understand the reason for such intolerance. Agrimar also has a soft spot in his heart for the downtrodden and the weak. He routinely gives what he can to help others, whether in donations of coin, intercessory prayers to The Inheritor, or his mighty strength.


With each new level, Agrimar adds a paladin class level and corresponding powers. He always increases his skill ranks in Knowledge (religion) and Sense Motive, while alternating increases in Diplomacy, Disguise, and Intimidate as necessary for the campaign. Agrimar quickly acquires banded mail to increase his armor bonus until he can attain full plate. At 3rd level he chooses the Power Attack feat. He also obtains oil of bless weapon (a potion) as soon as possible for the combination of his smite evil power and bless weapon’s effect of confirming critical hits. At 4th level Agrimar increases his Charisma and gains a 1st level paladin spell. Not surprisingly, he selects bless weapon.

Roleplaying Ideas

  • Agrimar constantly struggles with the inner demons of his monstrous lineage.
  • His instinct may be to react violently, but he always masters these impulses through the self-discipline of his goddess’s faith.
  • If the party also includes Ysabot, Agrimar respects her authority and often defers to her.
  • Agrimar views himself as an outsider in the Imperial Principality, hiding his orc heritage to avoid the prejudice of its people, even as he accepts such treatment stoically when faced with it.

In-Character Quote

“The Professor helped my sister find me and together we took vengeance on my mother’s captor, a vile necromancer and his undead slaves. For that, I am grateful. The darkness of those deeds still lingers in my heart. And I spent many hours discussing with the Professor the manner in which I dispatched those terrible things. It was to the Professor I first swore a vow to bring holy retribution to all undead. And through his introductions to the holy church, I did so once again to The Inheritor herself.”

Scaling the PC

Under a 15-point buy, Agrimar’s Intelligence should be reduced by 5 points. This necessitates the removal of 2 skill ranks (Diplomacy and Disguise) and 1 language (Abyssal).


Open Game License

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Art coming in for first products

I’m really excited to be getting the art in for Treasury of the Macabre from Colby Stevenson and character art from Hugo Solis! Look for me to post some sketches or previews soon! I think you will agree, the stuff is Legendary.



Just What Should An Electronic Product Include?

As a part of Legendary Games, we don’t want to follow we want to lead. Given our authors, our content is going to be all-star quality. But I wanted to make sure we had the product presentation to match. So I wanted to really rethink what an electronic product should be.

Observation: Right now, publishers simply are not taking advantage of the electronic format. In fact, most people are simply making “pdfs of books.” Now, that makes sense if you are a print publisher because a side effect of making a print product is that it creates a pre-press pdf which can quickly and with little effort be converted to a for sale pdf.

Question 1: But what if you are an “electronic first” publisher, like we are? Well then, its time to throw away the presumptions that come with the “pdf of a book” mentality.

Question 2: Why do people do that? Two reasons: 1. lack of innovation/safety, and 2. customer expectations. Its easy to simply do what is already done. Its also safe. No risk. But we aren’t about that. Also, customers are simply used to getting books and a pdf of a product in a book format is easily accepted by customers who are used to getting books. Thus the vicious cycle of lack of innovation persists.

Of course, the side effect is that the “pdf of a book” approach really fails to capitalize on the strengths of electronic products.

So what does all that mean? Well, I started rethinking all the presumptions that go into a book and asked myself “if that presumption doesn’t help our product, why are we doing it?”

Here are some key issues that I will be grappling with:

Landscape orientation. Seriously, portrait doesnt even really fit well on a laptop screen or an iPad. This is, in my view, the first and most obvious change. But the “pdf of a book” mentality persists in this layout flaw. What you want on an electronic product is content that has a “page” that matches the size of your screen as much as possible. You don’t want to scroll down for the rest of the page, you’d rather follow a link to new content.

Link to other resources. Sure, anyone can bookmark inside the product itself. I’m talking about links to other sources on the web. If you have an electronic product, you likely are also connected to the net. If so, that needs to be utilized. Do you need a link to the Heal skill? Probably not. But do you need it to the “cunning” weapon quality? Sure. Or perhaps a sidebar with a link to the requirements for fighting a Tiny sized opponent? Yes. That is helpful. That takes advantage of the electronic format. Failing to do that fails to maximize the value of your product format.

“Cover art with title” versus “home page” cover. Ah, cover art. This is probably the biggest hangup other than portrait layout. People just expect cover art. But a cover with art and a title, while pretty and great for a product that sits on a shelf, is essentially not useful for an electronic product. But customers expect it. The other issue is cost. With print products, the two biggest costs are the printing and second is the cover art (normally). Electronic products bypass the issue of printing, but have by their own choice retained the need for cover art. I propose that be reconsidered. I propose that a more functional cover would be a “home page” type of layout. Now, that may include art. But that is not the centerpiece. You will see some of this “home page” versus “cover art with title” ideas in the layout of our products.

These are just a few of the many, many ideas we have come up with to reshape and challenge the idea of electronic products. You’ll see more as our first products start rolling out next month.

Rest assured, however, that we will always provide a “traditional” layout of each product in a black and white, low ink using format for those who like to print products out and put them in binders. Think of it like the blu-ray combo packs for movies these days where you get the free traditional DVD format of the movie along with the blu-ray version. We want to meet the needs of ALL the gamers. We don’t want to leave anyone behind while at the same time pushing the envelope of product design.

Bottom line: we are challenging the old notions and discarding those that get in the way of making the best, most useful products for you the Paizo fan.

I think you guys are going to flip when you see what we have in store for you.