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Legendary Games now on DTRPG!

That’s right, Legendary Games products are  now available at DTRPG for those of you who enjoy that site for your gaming needs. Right now, we just have Treasury of the Macabre up. I will be adding Gothic Heroes shortly (once Neil gets his account info set up at dtrpg, nudge nudge Neil).

Here’s a link to the Legendary Games page:


PS: While you are on DTRPG, feel free to check out my old gig, Necromancer Games!




No minis for the eidolon or the cat familiar? Hugo and Tim to the Rescue!

Everyone is loving our new Gothic Heroes product and commenting on how cool it is that we incorporated free standup minis based on Hugo’s amazing art. BUT…several people have noted we didn’t make minis for Ysabot’s cat familiar, Persimmon, or for the eidolon, Theodric.

Well, fear not, loyal fans! Hugo has already volunteered to quickly craft two new minis and we will be posting them soon here on the LG site for free download (or maybe at as a free download, too).



Gothic Heroes NOW AVAILABLE at!

Come and get them! Gothic pregens for your campaign.

Want PCs with some gothic flavor? Whether you are a player in the recent gothic-themed adventure path and you want adventures designed specifically to succeed in those adventures, or whether you are playing in your home campaign and just want some gothic inspired fun, or even if you are a busy GM looking for some great NPCs, this product is for you!

Written by Neil Spicer and the Legendary Games Design Team, these pregens are created by the very people who write the Paizo adventure paths!

8 fully fleshed out, rules legal (and 20 point buy builds, so they are Pathfinder Society legal with a few minor tweaks) pregens.

Amazing art by Hugo Solis.

In several versions, all included: full color, white with color ink, or you can print in black and white.

Includes cut out stand up cardboard minis.

Check it out at!

For more info, see the Paizo store post. And for previews of the art check some of the other recent news posts here on the Legendary Games site.





Gothic Heroes: Pregenerated Characters uploaded to! Available soon!

I just uploaded the files for Gothic Heroes: Pregenerated Characters to the product uploader. Once reviewed by Paizo staff it will be available for purchase. Here is the product description and the cover thumbnail:

Gothic Heroes: Pregenerated Characters

A set of 8 rules-legal, fully fleshed out, ready to play pregenerated 1st level characters created specifically to shine in a gothic-themed Adventure Path campaign, written by Neil Spicer and the Legendary Games Design Team, art by Hugo Solis.

Adventure Path campaigns are designed to provide heroic challenges. That means players participating in those campaigns have to create a party of PCs able to handle any situation thrown at them by Paizo’s amazing stable of writers. That’s where we at Legendary Games come in. Let those very same writers provide you with the characters you need to succeed, all rules-legal and fully compliant! We guarantee each character will provide an interesting and unique roleplaying experience, because these pregens are more than just a collection of stats—they are fully formed character concepts with identities and personalities created by the best in the industry. Each with amazing art by Hugo Solis!

Built using Pathfinder Society-approved 20-point-buy method, with scaling notes for 15-point builds, these PCs are perfect for the recent Gothic Adventure Path or for your home campaign. Paizo products have long been as much about story as about combat, and these pregens are no different. But because of our old-school gaming pedigree, you can rest assured these PCs can handle themselves in each challenge they’ll face. When it’s time to thrown down, none of these pregens will be stepping to the sidelines. Print these heroes out and double-dip them in the stuff adventures are made of. Each PC also includes a backstory, a trait selection from the specific campaign’s Player’s Guide, some special equipment, links to how the character fits into the campaign, and some roleplaying tips. To top it all off, each character comes with preselected choices as they advance in the first few levels, and also include notes about their ultimate design goals so you know what you are working towards.

Plenty of our products are geared for the hardworking GM, but this one is for every gamer out there. If you are a player, these PCs should provide endless opportunities for adventure. If you are a GM, you can use these pregenerated characters as NPCs or rival adventuring parties. And if you play or run Pathfinder Society adventures, with a few tweaks these PCs will work for you, too.

This download includes two files: a “full color” version, with color backgrounds, and a “color ink” version that has white backgrounds with color ink, giving you multiple ways to print out these characters for your game table. Permission is included to photocopy and use them for your home games.

As an added bonus, each file also contains a sheet of stand up miniatures for you to cut out and use for each character with Hugo Solis’ amazing art!

The PDF files are portrait oriented (unlike some Legendary Games products) since that layout better fits the character sheet model. Additionally, some of the content in the stat blocks of the character sheets has been linked to the Pathfinder Reference Document, the official online compendium of game rules (when not present there, such as the changeling, for example, we used the d20PFSRD), so that you can access important rules from a link right there in your character sheet!

Power to the Players! Now go roll initiative!


Agrimar Vaskel, male half-orc paladin of the Goddess of Valor (undead scourge)

Dominnia Vorsaife, female aasimar summoner and her eidolon, Theodric

Eilinica Ziorec, female human cleric of the Goddess of Dreams

Ereviss Cierdel, male elf bard (detective)

Jevalt Ardain, male dhampir inquisitor

Merenso Kull, male half-elf ranger (skirmisher)

Xiuj Hak Leyng of the Seven-Ghost-Needles, male human alchemist

Ysabot Vaskel, female changeling witch and her cat familiar, Persimmon


Clark’s Jade Regent Pathfinder Campaign

The reason I love running a game company is because I love gaming! I’ve recently started a Jade Regent campaign. I keep a thread about it on message boards (see  below). One thing I love to do is personalize the campaign to my specific players. And I usually set up backstory with a newspaper or some other kind of handout. So I thought I’d post it here.

Sandpoint Chronicle 1


By the way, this is from my home game and is not a commercial product. Unlike our products, which are created under the OGL and the Pathfinder license, this is done under the community use policy.

Here is the link on the boards:


Treasury of the Macabre is the “Top Download” from other companies at!

Here’s the proof, kids!

(and hey, look, there is another project I’m involved with coming in at number 2).


Top Downloads From Other Companies

Treasury of the Macabre (PFRPG) PDF

1.  Treasury of the Macabre (PFRPG)
Legendary Games
2.  The Tome of Horrors Complete (PFRPG)
Frog God Games

Thanks everyone and keep it rolling!

If you haven’t checked out Treasury of the Macabre, now is the time!


Reviews in for Treasury of the Macabre! — “It might as well be an official Pathfinder product”

Treasury has only been out for two days and already its getting high praise, not only from the official paizo boards, but from emails to us as well (and no, not just from proxy accounts set up by Jason 🙂 ).

To me, nothing sums the reviews up better than this one from Joseph Wilson in his 5-star product review on the paizo boards:

“It might as well be an official Pathfinder product. It’s that good.”

That is exactly what we were shooting for and we are glad that is how it is being received.

Other comments from the boards include:

“I have to say that so far what I am looking at – the colors and the overall layout, is a piece of art.”

We agree. Tim’s layout is really amazing and we hope you enjoy it!

Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on the Paizo boards. As you can see, we take feedback and comments seriously. In fact, fan feedback prior to release helped shape some of our design decisions for the cover and the links on the cover. We are gamers first, and as a result we know that gamers are smart. So we welcome and respect your input because in the end, these products are for you, the Pathfinder fan!

If you want to see how fan input changes our design decisions, read this thread:


Treasury of the Macabre Now LIVE at!

The first Legendary Games product, the Treasury of the Macabre, has been uploaded to and is available for download. The Treasury is priced at $4.99.

Here is the link to the store:

Treasury of the Macabre is a collection of 30 magic items by our all-star Design Team for use in a gothic-themed Adventure Path campaign. Includes items with thematic links to ghosts and haunts, mad scientists and constructs, werewolves, eldritch horrors, vampires and witches, and liches and the ancient dead.

Who better to provide you with alternate magic items for your Adventure Path campaign than the very writers of those adventures themselves? Answer: no one. And in keeping with Legendary Games’ tradition of excellence and focus on story, these items are not mere cardboard cut-out items with gothic names, they are interesting and brilliantly designed items in their own right, each of which could be the focus of one of your own adventures.

The product actually contains TWO files: one full color AND another in stripped down black and white for ease of printing.

The product also includes a “home page” on the Table of Contents page with internal links. Further, each page contains an “elder sign” button that sends you back to that home page. Plus, references to rules from Ultimate Magic and the Advanced Player’s Guide include hyperlinks to web resources containing those rules for your reference.

The product includes:

Ghosts and Haunted Buildings
fearful knocker, gargoyle mask, ghostly shackles, séance candle, tomb tapper
Mad Scientists and Constructs
anatomist’s knife, clockthief’s candelabrum, clockthief’s key, override baton, electroshock glove, galvanic neck-bolts
bloodscent, guardian moppet, rod of the moon, shadow pack, wolf-hair shirt
Eldritch Alien Horrors
beyonder’s veil, elder talisman, helm of certain sanity, horn of the deep ones, tentacle vest
Vampires and Witches
bloodscent, cruciform icon, mesmeric mask, sanguinary torque, witchblood stylus
Liches and the Ancient Dead
crown of deadspeech, gauntlet of staveguarding, rod of the arcane cenotaph, skeleton cage, spinelash


Enjoy the Treasury, and use it to Make Your Game Legendary!




Pregen Preview with Art by Hugo Solis!

Check out the art for 7 of the 8 pregens, written by Neil Spicer, Clinton Boomer, Clark Peterson and the Legendary Games Design Team, with art by Hugo Solis! May I introduce you to (from left to right)

JEVALT ARDAIN, Male dhampir inquisitor 1

YSABOT VASKEL, Female changeling witch 1 (with Persimmon, her cat familiar)

EREVISS CIERDEL, Male elf bard (detective) 1

AGRIMAR VASKEL, Male half-orc paladin of the Goddess of Valor (undead scourge) 1

DOMINNIA VORSAIFE, Female aasimar summoner 1 (with her favored eidolon behind her, THEODRIC VORSAIFE, NG Medium outsider (humanoid base form))

MERENSO KULL, Male half-elf ranger (skirmisher) 1

EILINICA ZIOREC, Female human cleric of the Goddess of Dreams 1

The mystery pregen (not pictured because he is a bit grumpy and reclusive) is:

XIUJ HAK LEYNG OF THE SEVEN-GHOST-NEEDLES, Male middle-aged human alchemist 1




Copyright 2011, Legendary Games, art by Hugo Solis


Open Game License

Open Game Content: The only portion of this character preview that is Open Game Content are the sex, race, class, subclass and level of the above pregens. No other content is open game content. The art is NOT open game content.

Product Identity: As per the Open Game License on the Legal page of this website, but additionally including the following specific designations: all names of all pregenerated characters.

Additional Section 15 entry information

Pregen Preview. Copyright 2011, Legendary Games; Authors Neil Spicer, Clinton Boomer and Clark Peterson

Cannot be reused or reposted without permission


Treasury of the Macabre–sample cover

We talk a lot about using a “home page” cover instead of a traditional cover for electronic products. Well, here is an example of a draft (not final) of our cover for Treasury of the Macabre. You can see the front page has links to all the items and links to external sources. Each interior page has a button to take you back to this front page for ease of navigation.

It’s still a draft, but this is getting pretty close to done.




Copyright 2011 Legendary Games, may not be reused or reposted without permission