You know the NIGHT hag… ohhh, is the RIGHT hag!

We are very excited about our Halloween week release of Mythic Monsters: Emissaries of Evil, available right now at the Legendary Games webstore and starting Friday in wide release. We previewed the table of contents yesterday, but as for what’s inside I must confess to having a long-term love affair with night hags. They are just so darned creepy and play on so many awful tropes of physical, psychological, and spiritual torment that they are endlessly fun as villains. Just for fun, here’s a quick preview of a couple of the special abilities that make a mythic night hag so terrifying, from the subtle and sublime to the OMGSOGROSSHELPMEEEEEEE!!!

In Your Dreams (Su) When a mythic night hag is about to die or be permanently incapacitated, it can expend one use of its mythic power to send its spirit into the subconscious mind of the creature that kills or vanquishes it. This functions similarly to magic jar (DC 19), but the mythic night hag does not immediately gain control of the target’s body. Instead, the target is affected each time it sleeps as nightmare (DC 19), and on a failed save also gains 1 negative level. If the target fails its save three nights in a row, the mythic night hag can attempt to assert control as normal for magic jar. The target gains one additional negative level each day or fraction thereof that the mythic night hag remains in control. The target’s body takes no penalties from these negative levels as long as the hag is in control; if the hag is driven out, however, all penalties return. If the target is carrying that mythic night hag’s heartstone, even in an extradimensional space, it takes a ─4 penalty on saving throws against this ability and gains 2 negative levels for each failed save and for each day the hag remains in control. Once the target’s negative levels equal its Hit Dice, the target’s spirit is bound by the hag (as if it had successfully used soul bind on the target) and its body shrivels and withers into the blackened form of a mythic night hag. Non-mythic effects that end or suppress possession have no effect unless the creator of the effect succeeds at a DC 26 caster level check. A mythic creature can add its mythic tier as a bonus on this check. The save DC is Charisma-based.

Maggot Mouth (Ex) A mythic night hag’s mouth is filled with vile, squirming maggots. Any creature she bites must succeed on a DC 20 Reflex save or become infested with rot grubs, taking 1d4 points of Constitution damage per round as the rot grubs burrow through and consume its flesh for 1d6 rounds. These fiendish rot grubs share the hag’s immunity to cold and fire, but any other energy-based attack (including damage from negative energy) that deals at least 5 points of damage to the victim automatically destroys all of the rot grubs infesting it, ending the effect prematurely. Additionally, any effect that removes disease instantly ends a rot grub infestation. Immunity to disease offers no defense.

            In addition, once per day as a full-round action, a mythic night hag can vomit up a rot grub swarm which shares the hag’s immunity to cold and fire. The swarm does not harm the mythic night hag or any creature on which she is mounted but otherwise moves 10 feet per round in a straight line until it reaches targets it can attack. The mythic night hag can mentally direct the rot grub swarm as a move action to change direction or attack specific creatures. The swarm remains for up to 1 minute or until destroyed. After vomiting up a rot grub swarm, a mythic night hag’s maggot mouth ability is suppressed for 1 minute. The save DC is Constitution-based.

Good luck not having nightmares after you encounter one of these lethal ladies. Pick up your copy of Emissaries of Evil today! - Mythic Monsters - Emissaries of Evil cover