YO HO, a Pirate’s Codex for YOU!

Batten down the hatches, mateys, the PIRATE CODEX is here! Within these pages you will find 30 fully detailed stat blocks for piratical personages of every description, along with links to dozens more! Fantastic artwork and lovely layout just sweetens the pot, but the real treasure is the detail and tactical variety of the NPCs contained herein, featuring a wide variety of races, classes, archetypes, and feats. Get your copy today exclusively at the Legendary Games webstore, or wait until next week to get yours in wide release! Want to see what’s inside? Just check out the cast of cutthroat characters listed down below, some with special little friends of their own!

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CR     Name                           Race/Class/Level

1/2   Sailor                           Human expert 1/warrior 1

1       Marine                          Human barbarian (sea reaver) 2

3       Artillerist                     Half-elf expert 1/fighter 4

3       Cannoneer                   Human gunslinger (siege gunner) 4

3       Freebooting Gambler   Elf ranger (freebooter) 4

3       Halfling Stormbringer Halfling sorcerer 4

3       Pirate Boatswain          Human rogue (pirate) 4

3       Pistol Pirate                 Human pirate (buccaneer) 4

4       Arcane Navigator         Human expert 1/wizard (evoker) 5

4       Imperial Midshipman   Human fighter 5

4       Pirate Bosun                Human fighter 5

4       Wandering Watersinger           Undine bard (watersinger) 5

6       Daring Swashbuckler   Human swashbuckler 7

6       Exiled Triton Conjurer Triton witch (sea witch) 5

6       Pirate First Mate          Human rogue (pirate) 7

6       Shaman of the Waves  Human shaman of waves 7

7       Goblin Grenadier         Goblin alchemist (grenadier) 8

7       Master Artillerist         Half-elf expert 4/fighter (tactician) 6

7       Rum-Runner                Human barbarian (drunken brute) 2/gunslinger (buccaneer, pistolero) 6

7       Undercover Assassin   Human swashbuckler (daring infiltrator) 1/warpriest 7

7       Wavemistress              Human oracle (waves) 8

8       Imperial Commander   Human bard (sea singer) 9

8       Slave Pit Master           Human fighter (brawler) 7/monk (maneuver master) 2

9       Pirate Sniper                Human gunslinger (musket master) 7/rogue (sniper) 3

9       Tattooed Pit Champion            Human barbarian (scarred rager) 2/fighter (unarmed fighter) 8

9       Waverider Scoundrel               Half-elf cavalier (wave rider) 10

16     Black-Bearded Buccaneer         Human gunslinger (buccaneer) 17