Wuxia, Wizardry, and Week 2 of MEGA-BUNDLE MANIA!

This week we are excited to bring you another awesome Asian-themed product in the enchanting Asian Archetypes: Magical by Jason Nelson and David N. Ross! This fantastic Far East book is coming in wide release on Friday, but you can get it RIGHT NOW exclusively at the Legendary Games webstore! 

Asian Archetypes: Magical brings you an incredible array of new Pathfinder Roleplaying Game class options for characters drawing upon the classic tropes and traditions of Asian fantasy! You’ll find 14 awesome archetypes here covering almost every field of magic imaginable. You’ll find hermits of the wild like miko shamans drawing their power from kami spirits and wushen wizards relying on primitive fetishes and obsessive taboos, as well as worldly and urbane arcane academics like the studious numerologist wizard and the origamist arcanist. For some, magic is a tool to serve a higher purpose, whether jinshi wizards upholding the state and its bureaucracy or censor inquisitors ensuring purity of thought. Bodhisattva paladins and jade fist bloodragers each seek purification of themselves and the world from the taint of evil, while kenja clerics seek the subtle pleasures of peaceful contemplation and spreading tranquility wherever they roam. The roaring thunder of raiden shamans and the booming fireworks of skyflower savant alchemists embody the opposite extreme, but even their bombast pales before the nearly suicidal devotion to destruction that is the daily bread  of a kaiju caller summoner! Whether you’re playing a completely Asian campaign or just want to add a dash more Asian spice to the ninjas, samurai, and more in your game, you’ll find a wealth of exciting new opportunities in Asian Archetypes: Magical. Pick up this 30-page character supplement today and Make Your Game Legendary! 

Because we just kept adding more cool stuff, we ended up spinning Asian Bloodlines off into its own separate product by Jason Nelson, Alex Augunas, and David N. Ross, focusing on bloodrager and sorcerer bloodlines on the same pan-Asian theme, and this book is in layout as we speak and should be ready in the next week or two. For a quick preview:

Asian Bloodlines brings you an awesome array of new options for spontaneous spellcasters in your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign, drawn from the myths and legends of fantasy Asia! Inside you’ll find over 20 dynamic and exciting bloodlines for sorcerers and bloodragers alike! Whether your heroes are descended from the clever kitsune or the treacherous kappa, the friendly and protective kami spirits or the seductively sinister rakshasa, or the imperial dragons that span every part of the alignment spectrum, you’ll find options here for you. Feathered tengu sword saints and noble naga bloodlines stand alongside those of the savage oni or the imperious descendants of kings and emperors, with mutated bloodlines for kitsune, nagas, and oni as well! If you want to bring a touch of the Orient to sorcery in your campaign, Asian Bloodlines is your ticket to ride!

But wait, there’s more! In real-life a number of our artists are from Asia, and long-time Legendary favorite Tanyaporn Sangsnit has brought her terrific talents to the upcoming Legendary Kineticists 2, which is next up in the layout queue, and we thought we’d feature one of her amazing illustrations here as well (and just wait until you see her own personal take on a red-hot muay thai master channeling her inner power to kick some serious tail!).

We are also looking forward to the Legendary debut of Carl Cramer who teamed up with Jason Nelson on Legendary Hybrids: Doomguard, and you’ll be seeing more previews on that soon, along with many more marvelous and magnificent books coming soon, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t also remind you to SAVE BIG MONEY RIGHT NOW with the incredible 60 BOOKS, 30 BUCKS PATHFINDER MEGA-BUNDLE and the 20 FOR 20 5E MEGA-BUNDLE!  Save over 80% on 5E products and over 90% on Pathfinder products with these incredible deals! You can get this bundle all month long right here at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Storeand DrivethruRPG, and next month at Paizo! 5E fans can get in on the fun too, with the 20 FOR 20 5E MEGA-BUNDLE, available at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Storeand DrivethruRPG!