WORMY’S WEDNESDAY WHAT? What class makes the best villains?

Every week we pose a question for YOU, the fans of Legendary Games, something short, sweet, and to the point. And since we like a little alliteration, I think the Worm that Walks will wear the crown as the WEDNESDAY WHAT? mascot! In honor of the late, lamented Dave Trampier, we shall call him… Wormy!


The setup:

Way back when Chainmail first introduced us to the idea of a fantasy battle, the boss of the evil army was the EHPSS, which was intended to be an obvious abbreviation for “Evil High Priestess.” From such obscure beginnings, we have seen a cavalcade of villains of every stripe throughout the annals of RPG adventures. While monstrous villains have always been a popular choice, creatures with class levels have always been compelling villains, taking what the PCs can do and using their own dirty tricks against them. In some respects a villain is a deus ex machina, because they can do things that aren’t strictly speaking part of the rules. A villainous baron doesn’t need the Leadership feat to acquire a retinue of loyal soldiers, so for some purposes class doesn’t matter as much as the role the GM establishes for the villain. Even so, some classes make great thematic fits for making a really good bad guy.


What is your favorite character class (or class/race or multiclass combination) to use when creating villains and why?

Watch it wiggle, see it squiggle...

Watch it wiggle, see it squiggle…