WORMY’S WEDNESDAY WHAT? Classes that need more love!

Every week we pose a question for YOU, the fans of Legendary Games, something short, sweet, and to the point. And since we like a little alliteration, I think the Worm that Walks will wear the crown as the WEDNESDAY WHAT? mascot! In honor of the late, lamented Dave Trampier, we shall call him… Wormy!


The setup:

The Pathfinder RPG has 11 core classes from the Core Rulebook,8 more base classes in the APG, Ultimate Combat, and Ultimate Magic plus 3 alternate classes (antipaladin, ninja, samurai), 10 hybrid classes from the Advanced Class Guide, and now another half-dozen base classes announced for Occult Adventures. That seems like a lot, though compared to the surfeit of classes that erupted throughout the history of 3.0 and 3.5 it’s really not too bad. If you count Pathfinder’s history from the release of the Alpha Playtest in 2008, by the time Occult Adventures comes out they will have released only 27 new classes in 7 years, less than 4 per year.

Still, in all the rush to boost this class or expand that class, despite attempts to balance things it could be fairly argued that not every class has gotten an equal amount of attention over those 7 years. Every class has gotten something along the way, and some things that used to be intrinsic to classes can be adjusted with feats, skills, equipment, etc., but some have been more equal than others, as they say, either in the amount of support or the quality of it. True, you’ll never have perfect balance in a game system and that’s okay, but Wormy wants to know which classes still seem like they’re always standing at the back of the line when it comes to getting fun new toys.
This week’s WORMY’S WEDNESDAY WHAT? What classes really need more love, design-wise? Which ones have gotten plenty already? And are there any toys that thus far have been the province of just some classes that really ought to be shared with others? Wormy wants to know!

Watch it wiggle, see it squiggle...

Watch it wiggle, see it squiggle…