White Christmas, meet Black Magic!

Who says that October has a monopoly on the occult? Not us, as we are pleased to present to you Occult Character Codex: Occultists


The third in our series of NPC companions for the new classes in the Occult Adventures rulebook for Pathfinder, this codex contains 20 detailed occultist stat blocks, including both ordinary occultists with an array of implements as well as lich-loving necroccultists dabbling with the dead! You’ll find occultist humans, gnomes, half-orcs, and elves, but also stranger races like hobgoblins, tieflings, ratfolk, and wayangs, running the gamut from good to evil and all points in between. You can pick this book up today right here at the Legendary Games webstore as well as from our friends at the Open Gaming Store, Paizoand DrivethruRPG!