What’s New with Legendary Games at PaizoCon!

If you are attending this year’s PaizoCon, consider this your invitation to sit in on a conversation with the minds behind Legendary Games, Sunday morning, July 7th, 9:00-10:00, Evergreen Ballroom F!

We’ll be discussing our existing product lines and our planned and potential product lines and specific products for the future. Our panelists will include Neil Spicer, Tim Hitchcock, Matt Goodall, Jim Groves, yours truly, and Russ Taylor, a veritable cavalcade of superstars (winners and finalists) and stalwart contributors to the Pathfinder RPG we all know and love.

This is a chance for you to be among the very first to hear about some of the fantastic new products we’ll have rolling out before the end of summer. This is also your chance to pick our brains and weigh in with your thoughts on some of our product concepts and ideas, including which Adventure Paths most need the Legendary treatment… or whether we should leave all that behind and try something really out of this world!

Of course, since we’ve never been above offering shameless bribes, we can also guarantee that every attendee will leave our panel with some Legendary swag, and one lucky fan will be taking home something double-extra-secret and VERY cool.

See you Sunday morning!

P.S. You can now follow us on twitter @LegendaryGamesJ for the latest announcements and news about LG!