What treasure lies entombed with the pharaohs?

Yesterday we announced our latest product line of Egyptian Adventure Path Plug-Ins, and today we are proud to reveal a full list of the timeless treasures within the sepulchers of the ancient kingdom!


Price – Item Name   

900 gp – dune trap javelin            

3,000 gp – papyrus of supplication   

3,800 gp – censer of the aerial emissary      

4,000 gp – map cartouche   

5,305 gp – scepter of Wadjet           

5,500 gp – tomb warden’s stele       

5,910 gp – wretched warrior’s garb  

7,000 gp – oasis mirror       

8,000 gp – necropolis attendant’s band         

10,000 gp – canopic sentinel jar        

10,000 gp – faience idol (soaring hawk)          

10,461 gp – scarab scourge  

10,820 gp – desert moon      

13,157 gp – dynast aegis      

13,802 gp – blade of the black desert 

15,500 gp – faience idol (delta crocodile)        

17,000 gp – faience idol (desert frog) 

20,245 gp – asp hide                        

24,000 gp – alabaster icons of Bast    

24,000 gp – faience idol (raging hippopotamus)          

25,000 gp – amulet of abhorrent life  

30,000 gp – faience idol (grand tortoise)        

32,310 gp – storm general’s lance     

37,000 gp – chief engineer’s rod        

45,200 gp – signet of the life pharaoh            

45,500 gp – hierophant’s funerary cone          

57,506 gp – disemboweling sickle      

60,000 gp – element pharoah’s crook 

62,300 gp – biting wind         

67,200 gp – radiant pharaoh’s mail    

80,000 gp – canopic chest of eternal repose   

88,000 gp – carpet of desert fire        

90,000 gp – spirit pharaoh’s staff       

— (artifact) – funerary pyramid                       


Arranged by category:

Armor and Shields: asp hide, dynast aegis, radiant pharaoh’s mail, wretched warrior’s garb

Weapons: blade of the black desert, biting wind, desert moon, dune trap javelin, disemboweling sickle, scarab scourge, scepter of Wadjet, storm general’s lance

Rings: necropolis attendant’s band, signet of the life pharaoh

Rods: chief engineer’s rod, element pharaoh’s crook

Staves: spirit pharaoh’s staff

Wondrous Items: alabaster icons of Bast, amulet of abhorrent life, canopic sentinel jar, canopic chest of eternal repose, carpet of desert fire, censer of the aerial emissary, faience idols (delta crocodile, desert frog, grand tortoise, raging hippopotamus, soaring hawk), map cartouche, oasis mirror, papyrus of supplication, tomb warden’s stele

Artifacts: funerary pyramid


And look what’s available for download RIGHT NOW exclusively at the Legendary Games webstore! Those pharaohs are mighty generous with their treasury! It’ll be out in wide release tomorrow!


Check back later this week for another preview of the next terrific product in this line, and a look ahead to next week’s newest release from Legendary Games (which happens to be a perfect accompaniment to a desert campaign) – Mythic Monsters: Bugs!