Wait, did you say Mythic DEVILS?

Yeah, devils are tricky, aren’t they? You see how they tried to just slip that line into the contract in between the rush-rush Kickstarter updates and the clockwork regularity of Mythic Mondays? You never see em coming until it’s far, far too late. In case you’re wondering exactly what you will find between the covers of Mythic Monsters: Devils, I probably have just enough time to reveal it before the furies find me…


Devil, Mythic Accuser (Zebub) – CR 4/MR 1
Devil, Mythic Barbed (Hamatula) – CR 13/MR 5
Devil, Mythic Bearded (Barbazu) – CR 6/MR 2
Devil, Mythic Contract(Phistophilus) – CR 12/MR 5
Devil, Mythic Fury (Erinyes) – CR 10/MR 4
Devil, Mythic Handmaiden (Gylou) – CR 17/MR 7
Devil, Mythic Heresy (Ayngavhaul) – CR 15/MR 6
Devil, Mythic Horned (Cornugon) – CR 20/MR 8
Devil, Mythic Imp – CR 3/MR 1
Devil, Mythic Pit Fiend – CR 25/MR 10
Devil, Mythic Vengeance (Salikotal) – CR 9/MR 3
Devil, Mythic Warmonger (Levaloch) – CR 9/MR 3

And a brand-new addition to the diabolic family, complete with profane venom and able to change shape to make the perfect devil’s deal, seal it with a devil’s mark, and of course to swallow corpse to destroy the evidence. You know, just in case.:

Devil, Temptation (Lisslefer) – CR 7/MR 3

Because every good devil party needs a serpent in the grass, don't they?

Because every good devil party needs a serpent in the grass, don’t they?