Ultimate War Ultimate Update #1

Ultimate War, the long-delayed sequel to our hit Ultimate Rulership and Ultimate Battle products has been pushed aside repeatedly by other products, but NO MORE! As I’m diligently working away on getting it done by the end of the month, I thought I would post some semi-regular updates as to what I’m working on now, which will also serve as a bit of a preview of what’s inside!


Today’s progress was mostly in the area of editing the Combined Arms units section and its interface with the standard army combat rules as well as the alternate rules from Ultimate Battle, but I also did some work on this section, with a mysterious table for which you’d roll 1d12 to see what to do next. I wonder if some enterprising and intuitive soul can figure out what this table is for. There may be a prize in your future if you’re the first one to figure it out!


d12 roll ???
1 The A-C
2 The B-C
3 The C of D
4 The C of E
5 E’s C
6 The A-C of D
7 The B-C of D
8 E’s A-C
9 E’s B-C
10 The C
11 The D-C
12 C of the D