Ultimate Battle print preorders available now… to the WORLD!

By popular demand, we are offering print preorders for ordering the print edition of Ultimate Battle directly from Legendary Games. A few quick notes:


1.  This product is offered in two versions, one for customers in the US and Canada and one for International customers, which have different listed prices, because we discovered with the Ultimate Rulership Print Edition sales that our WordPress e-commerce plug-in was having trouble calculating shipping costs. To resolve the issue, we have included the shipping cost in with the product price.


3.  If you have also purchase the PDF of Ultimate Battle from Legendary Games, you will receive a coupon code for a special discount on either print edition.

4.  Every copy we send is personalized with the author’s signature and a note of appreciation to you!


The books have been ordered and CreateSpace estimates delivery by August 19, though I will point out that last time the books arrived a week earlier than the projected arrival date, so there’s a good chance they will be available sooner.

Ultimate Battle cover


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