TWO$DAY is Treasure Day times TWO!

Our TWO$DAY product of the week is always about saving you some loot, but this week it’s ALL about loot, as we are pleased as punch to present Treasury of the Orientrecent recipient of Endzeitgeist’s seal of approval, as our product of the week, on sale now for just $2 right here at the Legendary Games webstore!

Treasury of the Orient cover

But wait, it gets better, because winter may have just ended on the calendar but it is only beginning here at Legendary Games! We are delighted to announce the next installment in our catalog of Winter AP Plug-Ins, the Treasury of Winter! Featuring a cavalcade of amazing items from the candle crown and spirit samovar to the hoarfrost halter and sledge of the great bear, you’ll find dozens of inspired items perfect for a campaign delving into the white wonderland of frost-faeries, winter witches, and WORLD WAR I RUSSIA!!! Keep an eye out for the Treasury of Winter next month, along with more Winter products already in production, which we’ll be revealing soon!

Treasury of Winter