TWO$DAY 12 Days of Christmas!

Today on 12/12, we wanted to celebrate the season with some spectacular savings on stuff for your families and the young at heart, with a special focus on new gamers! Celebrating a great new review from Endzeitgeist for Rachel Ventura’s all-ages adventure, A Feast of Flavorwe are offering it as our TWO$DAY product of the week, 80% off at just $2 for the Pathfinder or 5th Edition version – your choice!

But wait, it gets better, because you also can get the incredible Trail of the Apprentice Adventure Pathagain available for either Pathfinder or 5th Editionfor HALF PRICE, just $14.99 for 300 pages of awesome all-ages adventure! Explore the The Bandit’s Cave, dare The King’s Curserisk The Thieves’ Den, accept The Oracle’s Test, and plunge into the depths and danger of The Wizard’s Dungeon, with new character classes, magic, monsters, a detailed gazetteer of the kingdom, and ready-to-play characters so the adventure is ready to go!

AND THERE’S MORE!!! If you’d like to complete your collection of our Legendary Beginnings product line, you also can cash in on HUGE 75% savings over at DrivethruRPG with our 12 Days of Christmas Beginner Bundles – ready for you for 5th Edition and for Pathfinder with adventures like A Feast of Flavor, Into the Feyweald, and Crisis at Falling Spring Stationplus PDF card packs to accessorize your adventures!