Tuesday is now TWO$DAY at Legendary Games!

As part of our ongoing campaign to show you how much we love you, the fans of Legendary Games, we are proud to announce that EVERY Tuesday will now become TWO$DAYwhen we will offer up one of our classic products for over half off, just 2 bucks! We’ll announce a new TWO$DAY special every week. That product will be on sale from for just $2 until the following TWO$DAY, when another product will take its place! Which products will be up each week? THE DICE OF FATE WILL DECIDE! As old school gamers, we are great believers in rolling dice for just about any occasion, and I think it’s as fun a way as any to see which product we’ll be throwing out there for your delectation and delightment.

Click on over here to check out this week’s fearsome featured favorite!

For our very first TWO$DAY deal, in honor of all the haunted Halloween goodies coming your way as we roll into out autumnal glory, I thought it would be great to reach into the wayback for our very first product, the Treasury of the Macabre! Get yours today for just two bucks, and remember to check back next TWO$DAY to see what’s going to be on sale next!

30 horrifying magic items just waiting for YOU!

30 horrifying magic items just waiting for YOU!