A TREASURY OF SAVINGS – and a preview of the CRUSADE #1!

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Yes, that’s right. Not one, not two, but THREE new Treasuries are on the way, penned by some of Legendary Games’ newest stars and following in a glorious tradition! The very first product Legendary Games released back in 2011 was the Treasury of the Macabre, featuring 30 marvelous magic items suited for horror campaigns. Last year brought the Treasury of the Fleet, with 30 more items both nautical and piratical. This spring we are set to bring you not one, not two, but THREE more Treasuries for your looting pleasure!  First up, and available this weekend if all goes well in layout, is the Treasury of the Crusade by Superstar finalist Pedro Coelho! Pedro has been a regular contributor to Legendary Games with his beautiful cartography, but his skill with writing and design is definitely up to Legendary standard, and we are proud to welcome him to the team!

We’ll be diving deeper into the items within this new treasury in tomorrow’s preview, but for now let’s just say that the 31 magic items in this product are designed specifically to fit within a campaign against the demon hordes, whether a published adventure path or a demon-war campaign of your own devising. Some items may be long-lost holy relics of fallen kingdoms long since swept aside by the fiendish onslaught, while others are tokens of the crusader kingdoms founded to push back the demonic invasion and keep it contained, and might be given as boons to those who serve well the forces of good. Some items, of course, are tainted with perfidy and corruption, like the heresies and bloodthirsty inquisitions that grow like tumors within the crusader armies, and are tools of terror and sedition for collaborators with the armies of darkness. These items range from the militant to the mundane in this book, from weapons and shields to bindings, books, and music boxes. It’s true that a crusader’s heart is not quite so deeply invested in treasure as a mercenary’s or explorer’s, but if it’s a rich assortment of gear for good and bad alike they seek, they are going to love what they find in the Treasury of the Crusade.