Totally Righteous… NOT!

Legendary Games is proud to bring you the latest and most terrifying chapter in our series of Righteous Crusade Adventure Path Plug-Ins; behold, UNRIGHTEOUS VILLAINS!


This book contains eight despicable, wicked, cruel, and malevolent menaces brought to you by the diabolical imaginings of Todd Stewart, Nicolas Logue, Clinton J. Boomer, and Alistair Rigg, each is worse than the last no matter which order you read them! Every one comes complete with a richly detailed personality, a history of corruption and damnation, and most importantly adventure hooks to engage them with your PCs. A villain without a plan, no matter how interesting he may be to the GM, is just another monster. These villains will be giving your PCs nightmares long before they ever meet them and long after the PCs think they’ve defeated them!


Available now exclusively from Legendary Games and next week in wide release!

Unrighteous Villains web cover