This is the kind of broken record that I like to hear

As in, yet another 5-star review from Enzeitgeist (Thilo G.) plus his seal of approval, this time for Meditations of the Imperial Mystics! His conclusion?

I’ve never made a secret out of my love for Legendary games’ stellar idea of introducing grimoires to PFRPG, that is books that do something beyond teaching spells and which are characters, objects of legend of their own. This book now blends these cool concepts with their vastly expanded ki-options for an offering that should turn out to be extremely useful for any type of class, with new options, adventure- and dare I say, campaign hooks, galore. These meditations should be required and the questing goal of many an enlightened scholar and once I run Jade Regent or send my players to the lands of Heroes of the Jade Oath or Kaidan, they’ll encounter at least one, probably all of these – for weal and woe.

My final verdict will be yet another at this point unsurprising final verdict of 5 stars + seal of approval for the all-star-team of Legendary Games.

Thanks Endy, and thanks to everyone who takes the time to review our products. We love to hear what our customers think, including times when they think we can do better. Our aim is always to exceed your expectations; anything less, and it just wouldn’t be Legendary!


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